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Spring at last - nature awakens to new life. In this spirit, BYK-Gardner also has new products and services to announce with focus on one of the most popular and at the same time most difficult colors:


In this newsletter you will find out everything about the color BLACK:

  • Is BLACK really a color?
  • Why is it such a challenge to objectively measure BLACK repeatable and reproducible?
  • How to describe the different shades of BLACK having a reddish or bluish undertone?
  • What are common practices in the industry to quality control BLACK products?
  • What is the meaning of the application specific BLACKNESS indices for Jetness?

Join us to welcome the new spectro2guide Pro to measure color and especially BLACK with the highest accuracy. In addition, you get all the background info needed to better “understand” the color BLACK.

Your BYK-Gardner Team

A new measure of BLACK

"Any customer can have a car painted in any color they want, as long as it's black".

Henry Ford’s famous statement is now over 100 years old and yet up to date! About 1/3 of all cars sold worldwide are painted black. This shows, black is not just a color. Black is timeless and elegant. Black surrounds us everywhere in daily life, in fashion, in consumer electronics, in our home… Despite its versatile use: Quality control of deep blacks is still a challenge!

New spectro2guide Pro: Developed to measure color and the ultimate Black with highest accuracy + New Jetness indices.

Quality Control Rally continues

Trade-in your old color meter for a spectro2guide Pro - the revolution in color measurement with prediction of color stability and the highest accuracy to distinguish deep black colors.

With this trade-in offer, you will rank #1 in quality - valid until September 30, 2021.

Please click here for details.

The ultimate way to measure BLACK

Online Education Program – Build up your Knowledge in Home Office

On May 19th / 20th the online WEBseminar “The ultimate way to measure BLACK” will take place. The following topics will be discussed with many practical tips and measurement hints:

  • What is so special about measuring BLACK?
  • Why is highest accuracy needed to measure BLACK?
  • New blackness indices to measure deepest BLACKs – Jetness
  • Interpretation of test results with precision statement to define meaningful tolerances
  • NEW spectro2guide Pro presentation

At the end there will be time reserved to ask the expert and the audience questions.

Don’t miss it and sign up today.

All about BLACK

The following article is a selection of topics with very different views on the color BLACK. We hope there is something for you that sparks your interest:

  • Black in physics
  • Black in astronomy
  • Black in chemistry
  • Black in nature
  • Black associations
  • Black idioms

Take a break and find out more about the fascinating color BLACK.

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