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Temperature Testers

The temp-gard is a temperature measurement data logger that tracks the temperature variation of a drying oven. A painted product is sent through the oven in a continuous process. The temperature data logger is sent through the oven in the same manner to profile and record the temperature changes. The temperature profile is downloaded to the temp-chart software for a comprehensive evaluation of the oven conditions.  The software determines if the paint is fully cured.

The gradient-oven is a device for evaluating the baking and curing behavior of liquid paints, powder coatings, and resins. The gradient-oven is also used for accelerated acid-etch testing for automotive coatings.  A micro-processor controls 45 heating elements that are individually controlled and monitored. A coated panel can be tested by a step gradient or linear gradient programs set-up by the user. The temperatures are precisely measured by a PT-100 probe inserted into each element. 

The dew point meter records the air humidity, temperature and surface temperature of a substrate prepared for painting. The dew point meter will assess the climatic conditions to determine the suitability for painting.   The dew point meter will send an audio and visual alarm when the condensation probability is high.  

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