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Important Milestones in the History of BYK-Gardner


The History of BYK and ALTANA


The roots of BYK-Gardner reach back to the year 1873, when Dr. Heinrich Byk began producing chemicals.

In that year a continuous process of growing was started - which is still present in our today's live.

Today BYK-Gardner is part of the ALTANA group. More details on BYK see complete history of ALTANA.

ALTANA aquires Labotron Messtechnik


1962: Labotron Messtechnik GmbH - located in Geretsried, Germany - is founded as manufacturer of medical, optical and physical test instruments.

1973: Labotron becomes the contract manufacturer of BYK Mallinckrodt - located in Wesel, Germany - for testing instruments.

1985: Major parts of the company shares of Labotron are aquired by BYK Chemie - the successor of BYK Mallinckrodt.


ALTANA aquires Gardner Laboratory


1988: BYK acquires all company shares of Labotron Messtechnik GmbH.


1989: BYK acquires Gardner Laboratory - located in Silver Spring - Maryland / United States.


Gardner is a manufacturer of testing instruments for color, gloss and physical properties of surfaces since 1962.


At this time the name of BYK's instrument section is changed to BYK-Gardner.

BYK Chemie becomes BYK Additives & Instruments

2018: The name of our division is now BYK Additives & Instruments.

  • Additives improve paint and plastic properties.
  • Instruments prove paint and plastic properties.

This makes us the provider for complete and unique solutions for the paint, coatings and plastic industries. The instruments section of BYK is represented by BYK-Gardner.


ALTANA aquires Paul N. Gardner


July 2019: Paul N. Gardner Company, Inc. - located in Pompano Beach, Florida / United States - becomes part of BYK Instruments.


The acquirement is the logical extension of our current PTE product portfolio and provides us with high potential to reach new market segments.

ALTANA takes over assets of Office Color Science Company and enters “Software as a Service” domain


September 2019: This aquisition includes all technology and products and will strengthen our position as technology leader in instrumentation solutions with refinish color matching and formulation software for automotive OEM.


Office Color Science (OCS) was founded in 2004. It is a worldwide leader in computer color matching and formulation software with the ability to match colors containing metallic and pearlescent pigments.

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