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BYK-Gardner GmbH

Lausitzer Strasse 8
82538 Geretsried

Phone +49 8171 3493-0
Fax +49 8171 3493-140

Managing Directors

Dr. Jörg Krames
Dr. Jörg Hinnerwisch
Registry Court: München
HRB No. B85188
Turnover Tax ID No. DE 811 113 439

Registered Tradenames

auto-QC, BYK Gardner, BYKCARE, BYK-Gardner, BYK-mac, byko-drive, byko-spectra, BYK-tam, BYKWARE, cloud-runner, color-guide, color-sphere, gloss-link, haze-gard, haze-gloss, LW, micro-DOI, micro-gloss, micro-haze, micro-TRI-color, micro-TRI-effect, micro-TRI-gloss, micro-wave-scan, S_a, S_G, S_i, smart-chart, smart-lab, smart-match, spectro-guide, spectroprofiler, temp-gard, Wd and wave-scan are registered trademarks of BYK‑Gardner.

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