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haze-gloss Gloss Meter


The reference gloss meter

Raw Material - Influence of Binders, Fillers and Additives

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haze-gloss: The Reference Gloss Meter for Gloss & Haze Control

The reference gloss meter for your laboratory

The benchtop hazemeter was designed for the needs in the laboratory. Gloss, haze and mirror reflection can all be measured with one instrument for low to high gloss surfaces. Mirror reflection is required for materials with very high reflection capabilities, such as metals. The included reference beam, closed optics and self diagnosis guarantee accurate quality control.

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How to measure the brilliance of Class A surface with a gloss meter?

High quality, Class-A surfaces are expected to have a clear and brilliant appearance. Micro structures can cause a milky and hazy appearance. Haze is a typical phenomenon of the paint material. It can have various causes. Especially single-layer coating systems are highly influenced by the degree of dispersion and type of additives used to prevent flocculation. 


The haze-gloss provides complete information on surface quality: gloss 20°, 60°, 85° and reflection haze.


Simultaneous gloss and haze measurement

  • 20, 60, 85°: from high to low gloss - always the specified angle available
  • Foot switch and automatic measurement for fast sampling
  • Illuminated target facilitates sample positioning
  • Ready for measurement without warm-up time
  • Long-term calibration and menu guided operation – simple and secure
  • Statistics with average, min/max and standard deviation
  • Operation in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian – switchable
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