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spectro2guide Color Control Handheld Spectrophotometer

The Revolution in Color Measurement: spectro2guide

The Revolution in Color Measurement

Color. Gloss. Fluorescence.

The spectro2guide spectrophotometer represents the next step in the evolution of color measurement. Color and 60° gloss are measured simultaneously. Completely new is the prediction of color stability by measuring like a fluorimeter with monochrome illuminations.


Raise your expectations: spectro2guide ensures color harmony and analyzes color stability - objective measurement results for today and the future.

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Prediction of Lightfastness

Excited. Emitted. Shifted.

The combination of a spectrophotometer with a fluorimeter opens up completely new perspectives to control color harmony and guarantee color stability.


Lightfastness is analyzed with proprietary calculations predicting the color change with total color difference DE as well as individual color component deltas DLABCH.

The excitation and emission range of fluorescent behavior is displayed with the slider function in smart-lab.



Reliable color measurement with digital

standards to ensure color harmony and

predict lightfastness!

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Global Color Management

Digital Standards. Superior Performance.

A superior accuracy and excellent inter-instrument agreement allow use of digital standards. One binding reference eliminates sources of error and physical standards no longer need to be exchanged.

Thus, color control data are reliable and communication among all parties is seamless and efficient.

Digital standards bring the complete supply chain on target.



Color Measurement with Outstanding Technical Performance

High-tech. Smart. Experienced.

The spectro2guide uses innovative, high performance LED technology as light source. Smart testing combined with our long-standing experience guarantees an outstanding performance.


Short-term, long-term and temperature stability as well as a homogeneous illumination spot are unsurpassed in the industry.

The long life time of our LEDs, guaranteed for 10 years, ensure low maintenance - no lamp replacement needed.


spectro2guide Pro with

highest accuracy to distinguish

deep black colors


available March 2021

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Brilliant Color Display

Swipe. Touch. Measure.

As for mobile phones, there is a trend towards ever-larger displays. The spectro2guide is completely in line with this trend offering a 3.5” color touchscreen – the largest on the market.


An icon-based menu, colorful data tables and graphics ensure an intuitive smart phone like operation.


You can touch or swipe with your fingers - it even works when wearing gloves.


Smart Calibration for Accurate Color Measurement

Park. Charge. Control.

Accurate readings require reliable calibration.
As the first spectrophotometer on the market, the spectro2guide offers auto diagnosis and an automatic calibration reminder.

The spectro2guide with the docking station make a perfect couple – the white checking standard is always protected and a reliable operation is guaranteed.
Moreover, the docking station automatically charges the instrument.


Mobile color control with spectro2go


Reliable color measurement with digital standards

to ensure color harmony

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Preview of Measurement Spot with Camera

Strike. Score. Save.

An integrated camera shows a live preview of the measurement spot. To ensure precise positioning and to prevent false readings on imperfections or scratches, the measurement spot is magnified by a factor of 5:1.


It is so easy – just press the measurement button halfway and the live preview is active.




Color and Color Stability Analysis with smart-chart

Big Data. Easy. Automated
smart-chart offers an online mode for instant data analysis - ideal for use in the lab.
The readings are displayed in a data table with Pass/Fail information and shown in scatter or line graphs. Any color equation can be selected for single or multiple illuminants (metamerism).


For routine process control data are saved in a database and efficiently analyzed with easy filtering and trend charts.

Data is transferred via USB or WiFi.



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Color control of cosmetic products is a challenge as they are available in liquid, pasty and powdery form.
Check out our variety of cosmetic sample holders to standardize your sample preparation.

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The Entrance Model for Objective Color Measurement

  • The spectro-guide simultaneously measures color and gloss. Thus, the cause of a visual mismatch can be clearly defined.
  • Quality control is made simple and secure – even for color beginners: Light weight and small size – Ergonomic design – Designated buttons for standard and sample readings
  • The color data can be transferred to easy-link for documentation in Excel: CIELab graph to chart color differences - Simple line graph to monitor process changes over time - Color difference graph for three illuminants to control metamerism
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