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Physical Properties


Do you always have the right tool at hand to measure film thickness?


Film Thickness and Dew Point in one tool in accordance with SSPC-PA2: byko-test


The 4-in-1 byko-test measures film thickness on Fe/NFe substrates plus humidity, temperature and dew point with high precision. Ideal for coaters of exterior structures, like marine or protective applications.

Temperature data logger with easy Pass / Fail data analysis: temp-gard basic 


YOUR faithful companion to control industrial ovens


An efficiently running curing oven saves time, money and guarantees your color, gloss and physical properties are within specification. BYK-Gardner’s temp-gard basic is the ideal solution to control industrial curing ovens used for wet or powder coatings. The robust thermal barrier can withstand up to 2.5 hours at 250 °C and the temp-chart software will show you with easy Pass / Fail and Cure Index, what happens during paint curing. Your oven is no longer a black box, it is getting transparent and your paint quality as well as energy cost will be under control.

Special offer valid until June 30, 2021:
​​​​​​​Get 1 cooling elements free of charge – 284 € ($ 326) savings. The 2nd cooling element allows more frequent oven runs – especially of benefit when you need to check the oven performance at a customer site or after new settings.

How to check environmental conditions prior to painting


We provide a field testing kit for protective coatings in accordance with SSPC PA-2:

  • Dry Film Thickness Measurement
  • Relative Humidity
  • Air and Surface Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Wind Speed and Air Velocity
  • Moisture content of porous substrates

Quality Testimonial of byko-charts


BYK-Gardner goes to great lengths to test, monitor and keep records of byko-charts to ensure the charts are consistent with color and gloss from print batch to batch.



Analyze & Optimize your Cure Process


Ideal cure time and temperature are a hot topic to save energy and money. The Cure Index is a fast Pass/Fail method to determine cure status.


Combined with Cure Chart analysis line speed and temperature are optimized. Our tight specifications eliminate your concerns for mistaken rejects.




We offer a Letter of Conformance for all physical test products without certificates. It references international standards, which the product is in compliance. Thus, you can be assured of the high quality of your testing tool.


Scheduled for May 27 / 28, 2021
BYK-Gardner "60 Minutes":


WEBseminar: Film thickness and adhesion of coatings


Controlling film thickness helps to save material costs and ensures that color, appearance and physical properties of your specific application are maintained.


The adhesive strength of a coating is of particular importance for the mechanical behavior as well as for the corrosion protection.


Attend the BYK-Gardner WEBseminar to learn more! Click here to learn more about BYK-Gardner.

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