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Testing Physical Properties of Paints & Plastics

From wet to dry: Abrasion Test – Adhesion Test – Coating Thickness Gauge – Hardness Tester – Impact Test – Paint Application – Viscometer


NEW Rotational Viscometer:
byko-visc RT

Rotate and flow through thick and thin

Viscosity is an important material property which needs to be specified and controlled to optimize how a liquid flows, spreads, or levels under certain conditions. The byko-visc RT is available as a standard and lite version with models for low, medium or high sensitivity to cover a wide range of applications and versatility in data analysis.

  • Robust design with adjustable stand
  • Easy snap-on spindle attachment
  • Solvent resistant housing
  • Precise data from instrument-to-instrument & day-to-day
  • Intuitive navigation on a large color touch display
  • Ready right out of the box – no assembly needed!

NEW byko-drive S:
Paint Application Automated

The byko-drive S is an automatic film applicator for consistent drawdowns with user selectable speeds 0 - 200 mm/s. It comes with a glass plate plus clamp or a vaccum plate to fix a variety of substrates.

  • User selectable start and stop positions to accommodate different size charts
  • Small footprint to save on counter space
  • Drip pan for faster cleanup
  • Easy to operate user controls

The byko-drive S is designed to assist the user in achieving consistent film application by maintaining a consistent speed and drawdown pressure. It is compatible with virtually all applicators, both bar and wire types.


NEW byko-swing:
Pendulum Hardness Tester with Automated Test Procedure

This test method evaluates the elasticity of a coating by measuring the damping time of an oscillating pendulum. The shorter the damping time, the higher the flexibility.

The new byko-swing has automated this test procedure to guarantee reliable readings and to save valuable time.

  • Motorized sample platform lifts the sample into the test position
  • Automatic positioning and release of pendulum
  • Automatic counter with signal when test is finished

byko-charts Drawdown Cards Eliminate False Paint Rejects

BYK-Gardner offers a wide range of drawdown cards for virtually any material. Typical applications are opacity check, evaluation of spreading rate, paint penetration and flow/leveling behaviour. The test cards are used as substrate for architectural, industrial, automotive, wood finishes or even cosmetic products. Depending on the coating properties film laminated test cards, ideal for solventborne formulations or clearcoated test cards, are available. BYK-Gardner goes to great lengths to test, monitor and keep records of byko-charts to ensure the cards have consistent color and gloss from print batch to print batch.

Why is this important?
Variations in gloss as well as color on test cards can cause erroneous rejection of paint batches - most important for non-opaque finishes.


Temperature Data Logger Docu-
ments & Optimizes Your Curing Temperature

Is the paint cured at all points of the product?

Ideal cure time and temperature are a hot topic to save energy and money. The BYK-Gardner temp-gard, a high quality temperature data logger offers temperature data storage for six up to twelve temperature sensors.

The temp-chart software shows the temperature profile and analyzes the data based on maximum and peak temperatures. The Cure Index is a fast Pass/Fail method to determine cure status. Combined with Cure Chart analysis line speed and temperature can be optimized.

Letter of Conformance


We offer a Letter of Conformance for all physical test products without certificates. It references international standards, which the product is in compliance. Thus, you can be assured of the high quality of your testing tool.


May 24 / 25, 2023:
BYK-Gardner "60 Minutes"

WEBseminar: Viscosity Basics

Viscosity plays a crucial role in the production and processing of fluids. The viscosity of paints and varnishes under certain shearing conditions usually has a direct bearing on storage stability, processing and flow.

Objective and reliable measurements with defined limits are therefore the prerequisite for a stable process with uniform quality.

Attend the WEBseminar to learn more! The participation is free of charge.

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