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BYK Instruments ensures the success of your color control

Purchase a spectro2guide by end of this year and get a
“BYK-Expert for FREE”: 2-days of free consulting onsite or
via several online sessions. +++ valid until March 31, 2024

As a basic, we will talk about the theory of color, gloss and fluorescence. We then discuss the advantages of different color equations and define suitable limits based on your specific products. Finally, we train you in the handling of instrument and software, including the set-up of Standard Management, the creation of Organizer and the subsequent data analysis.

We will support you in leading your color management to success.


Revolutionize your Color Control

The possibilities offered by new technologies today were hardly imaginable when our first spectrophotometer was available. Our latest generation takes advantage of all these new possibilities to revolutionize your color quality control.

  • Revolutionary simple: Intuitive, Icon-based navigation on a large, color touchscreen.
  • Revolutionary precise: Excellent inter-instrument agreement allows use of digital standards.
  • Revolutionary smart: A camera preview ensures correct positioning, the docking station a reliable calibration and the included software makes professional data analysis a breeze.

Special TRADE-IN promotion - 15% Discount: Trade-in your spectro-guide +++ valid until March 31, 2024



JOIN THE CLUB of micro-gloss users!

The micro-gloss is the unsurpassed reference in gloss measurement. It is time for you to become a club member to enjoy the following exclusive benefits.

  • Technical performance at its best – unmatched by any competitor: Repeatable, reproducible results with guaranteed temperature stable results
  • Intelligent gloss measurement: An auto-diagnosis is performed automatically on the gloss standard built into the instrument holder.
  • Seamless gloss communication: The smart-chart software saves data, provides professional reports and trend graphing to guarantee process stability.

Special TRADE-IN promotion - 15% Discount: Trade-in other brand glossmeter +++ valid until March 31, 2024



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