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BYK Instruments Promotions

micro-wave-scan - SPECIAL Offer

Objective measurement for curved and small parts: micro-wave-scan. Take advantage of our special promotion.

Europe Americas
#4824 micro-wave-scan € 2,000.- $ 2.000,-

Valid until November 30, 2022

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Trade-in your light booth

QC Rally: Light Booth Trade-in

Exchange your old light booth for byko-spectra pro with D65 daylight of quality class A. With this, you will inspect in the laboratory as if you were outside - 7 standard illuminants according to CIE standard.

byko-spectra pro Europe / Far East Americas
List Price 5975,- € $ 6850,-
Trade-in value 925,- € $ 995,-

This offer is valid until December 31, 2022.

The perfect couple SPECIAL

Our newest color meter spectro2guide and our premium light-booth byko-spectra pro are the perfect couple for industrial applications.

Europa & Far East Americas
spectro2guide 11.995 € $ 14.995
byko-spectra pro 5.975 € $ 6.850
Total 17.970 € $ 21.845
The perfect couple SPECIAL 15.970 € $ 19.845
Savings 2.000 € $ 2.000

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temp-gard - SPECIAL Offer


Special offer valid until December 31, 2022: Get 1 cooling element free of charge - 284 € ($ 326) savings.

The 2nd cooling element allows more frequent oven runs - especially of benefit when you need to check the oven performance at a customer site or after new settings.

temp-gard dual - SPECIAL Offer


This promotion offers a special package price for detailed temperature logging of up to 24 measurement positions.

Europe & Far East Americas
#3329 temp-gard dual 18% 20%

Valid until December 31, 2022

For a non-binding quotation, please click on “Quotation”.


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