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Spin your color QC to the next level

Perfect Partner for Pellets:
color2view and sample rotator

The requirements on color quality control of granulate are particularly challenging because of the extreme material diversity. The sample rotator attached to the color2view automatically rotates the pellets during the measurement – manual refilling is no longer needed. Thus, excellent repeatability and reproducibility are guaranteed!

Special bundle price: Buy any color2view model plus a sample rotator with 15% discount


+++ Valid until September 30, 2024 +++

Turning old into new: Investing in the future!

The possibilities offered by new technologies today were hardly imaginable a few years ago. The new spectro2guide lives up to its slogan "The revolution in color measurement".

A repair or recertification of our first generation of color meters, spectro-guide family, can no longer be guaranteed due to unavailability of spare parts (manufactured before 2013). Another reason to retire a 10 year old device and take advantage of this unique TRADE-IN offer.

15% Discount: Trade-in your spectro-guide or other brand color instruments


+++ Valid until September 30, 2024 +++


TRADE-IN your old Glossmeter

The micro-gloss is the unsurpassed reference in gloss measure-ment. It is time for you to become a club member to enjoy the following exclusive benefits.

  • Technical performance at its best – unmatched by any competitor: Repeatable, reproducible results with guaranteed temperature stable results
  • Intelligent gloss measurement: An auto-diagnosis is performed automatically on the gloss standard built into the instrument holder.
  • Seamless gloss communication: The smart-chart software saves data, provides professional reports and trend graphing to guarantee process stability.

Special TRADE-IN promotion - 15%: Trade-in other brand glossmeter


+++ Valid until September 30, 2024 +++

PELT Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

BYK Instruments has acquired the PELT® line, an innovative product family. It is able to detect and measure the thickness of each individual layer in a multilayer coating system.

We are pleased to offer customers of BYK Instruments who purchase a new µPELT®-ts3 or µPELT®-ts5 gauge:

  • Color calibrations are a prerequisite for optimal film thickness accuracy; get five for free.
  • Just send us sample panels with your standard multi-layer process in different colors and we do the calibrations for you.

In order to provide the PELT® system which best suits your needs, please take a few seconds to answer the questions in the web form linked below.


+++ Valid until September 30, 2024 +++


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