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BYK Instruments - Special Promotions 2021

QC Rally: Color Meter Trade-in

Trade-in your old color meter for the best performing spectro2guide and spectro2guide Pro - the revolution in color measurement with prediction of color stability.

Trade-in value: € 2300,- / $ 2700,-
Valid until September 30, 2021

  • Balanced design with large color touch display and a live preview of measurement spot
  • Docking station houses test standards for auto diagnosis
  • Unsurpassed technical performance: Short & long term stable with top temperature stability and excellent inter-instrument agreement
  • Digital standards are reality - no extra cost for close-tolerance set-up
  • Built-in fluorimeter predicts color stability (light fastness)
  • Professional data analysis software, smart-chart - all included!

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The perfect couple SPECIAL

Our newest color meter spectro2guide and our premium light-booth byko-spectra pro are the perfect couple for industrial applications.

Europa & Far East Americas
spectro2guide 11,500 € $13,500
byko-spectra pro 5,775 € $6,600
Total 17.275 € $20,100
The perfect couple SPECIAL 15,275 € $18,100
Savings 2,000 € $2,000

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micro-gloss SPECIAL


The micro-gloss family from BYK-Gardner is the unsurpassed reference in professional gloss measurement and data evaluation.

Europe & Far East Americas
4561 micro-gloss 60° 12.5% 15.5%
4563 micro-TRI-gloss 11% 8%

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The automotive PACKAGE


All you need to guarantee color and appearance harmony.

Europe & Far East Americas
BYK-mac i 30.498 € $36,778
wave-scan 3 dual 27.000 € $37,081
temp-gard pro 9.100 € $10,600
Total 66,598 € $84,459
The automotive PACKAGE 61,598 € $77,459
Savings 5.000 € $7.000

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temp-gard - SPECIAL Offer


Special offer valid until Decembr 31, 2021: Get 1 cooling element free of charge - 284 € ($ 326) savings.


The 2nd cooling element allows more frequent oven runs - especially of benefit when you need to check the oven performance at a customer site or after new settings.


temp-gard dual - SPECIAL Offer


This promotion offers a special package price for detailed temperature logging of up to 24 measurement positions.

Europe & Far East Americas
#3329 temp-gard dual 18% 20%

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byko-test special for marine & protective applications


Receive a free IR-Thermometer (0470) with the purchase of every dry-film thickness gage byko-test (3790).


The byko-test offers a unique solution to monitor environmental conditions while measuring dry film thickness. Air temperature measurement and humidity sensors are built into the gauge. The dew point temperature is displayed to determine, if the conditions are right for painting, for example in outdoor applications like for ships or outdoor structures. The complimentary IR thermometer will allow for measurement of the substrate surface temperature, to determine if the temperature difference to the dew point temperature is sufficient.


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Abrasion testing SPECIAL

The Gardner-scrub offers a versatile design for abrasion and washability testing applications, these robust instruments meet many ISO and ASTM test methods.

Receive a free box (100 pcs.) of black or white scrub panels (5015, 5010) with the purchase of every Gardner-scrub instrument (5060-5063). Features of the instrument include:

  • Easy to use touch screen display
  • Reciprocating linear motion with a constant speed over the travel distance for repeatable results
  • Compact design saves on counter space
  • Instrument arm holds up to 3 brush or pad holders to increase output
  • User selectable scrub rate from 6 - 60 cycles/minute

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Krebs viscosity SPECIAL


Receive a free viscosity standard oil (product numbers: 4020-4024) to check the calibration status of your instrument with the purchase of every BYK-Gardner byko-visc DS. The byko-visc DS (Stormer Type / Krebs Viscometer) comes with the following features:

  • Automatically calculates and displays Krebs units, centipoise, and gram units
  • Easy to use - automatic rotational speed control at 200 rpm according to ASTM D562
  • Printer interface for test report output
  • Instrument base accessory to fit quart, pint, 1/2 pint containers
  • Calibrated with NIST traceable oils
  • Universal power supply - one model for global use

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