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Testing Solutions for Color Harmony and Surface Texture

Handheld & Benchtop Spectrophotometer – Light Booths – Liquid Color Meter


BYK-Gardner User Meeting “Color and Appearance Harmony”

Finally, we can continue our “tradition” of the BYK-Gardner User Meeting “Color and Appearance Harmony”. In 2023 exhibitions, conferences and seminars are coming back to life and we are happy to invite you to our 13th European User Meeting.

As in previous meetings experts in automotive body painting will share their new approaches and we keep you up-to-date on our new development projects and applications.


color2view X with exchangeable apertures now available

Adaptability to change is an essential for sustainable success. This is also true for measuring tools used for quality control. Thus, we are proud to present the newest member of the color2view family:

  • The objective eye to evaluate your total visual perception
  • Easy operation and intuitive navigation create an unprecedented user experience
  • Exchangeable apertures to be flexible and future-proof



AkzoNobel and BYK-Gardner Digitize Surface Texture for Powder Coatings

Launched in Apri 2020, the spectro2profiler represents a major step forward for the industry because currently, the only way to check the quality of a textured powder coating surface is to carry out a visual inspection.

The new tool - which can measure color and gloss, as well as analyzing the 3D topography of the surface texture - is being hailed as a game-changer.

New Approach to Measuring BLACK

Measuring deep black colors objectively, repeatedly and reliably has been a challenge for many years.
We have mastered this task with the Pro-models of our handheld and benchtop spectrophotometers.
This ground-breaking new development for the measurement of deep black paints and coatings was developed in cooperation with Orion Engineered Carbons, a leading global supplier of carbon black.

Technical performance is outstanding, even with deep black samples with a hue-independent blackness value MY of close to 400.



Light Booth byko-spectra Pro
with Class-A Daylight Performance

Experience our new technical paper explaining the benefits of standardized visual color evaluation.

Technical terms like "Correlated Color Temperature", Spectral Power Distribution” and especially "Metamerism Index Mivis" are discussed and explained with practical examples.

Find out how the quality of the daylight in a light booth is objectively rated compared to the CIE defined daylight D65.


May 24 / 25, 2023
BYK-Gardner "60 Minutes"

Basic Building Blocks of Color

Visual color perception is influenced by our individual color preferences depending on our personal experience and memory. Therefore, standardization of light source and observer are essential for an objective color control.

CIE standardized light source and observer guarantee an objective description of colored objects. Only the use of standardized color instruments with internationally specified color systems can solve the shortcomings of visual perception.

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