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Testing Solutions for Color Harmony and Surface Texture

Handheld & Benchtop Spectrophotometer – Light Booths – Liquid Color Meter

NEW color2view: The Revolution in Color Measurement Continues …

The smart integration of several measurement technologies leads to a new innovation which allows to evaluate our total visual perception - like an objective eye.

  • Color measurement 45°:0
  • Gloss measurement 20° and 60°
  • Fluorescent measurement for lightfastness control
  • Jetness measurement for deep black colors

Easy to operate, intuitive navigation and new functionalities with the “special touch” create an unprecedented user experience.



AkzoNobel and BYK-Gardner Digitize Surface Texture for Powder Coatings

Launched in Apri 2020, the spectro2profiler represents a major step forward for the industry because currently, the only way to check the quality of a textured powder coating surface is to carry out a visual inspection.

The new tool - which can measure color and gloss, as well as analyzing the 3D topography of the surface texture - is being hailed as a game-changer.


Light Booth byko-spectra Pro
with Class-A Daylight Performance

Experience our new technical paper explaining the benefits of standardized visual color evaluation.

Technical terms like "Correlated Color Temperature", Spectral Power Distribution” and especially "Metamerism Index Mivis" are discussed and explained with practical examples.

Find out how the quality of the daylight in a light booth is objectively rated compared to the CIE defined daylight D65.

Color Measurement of Architectural Coatings

Goodbye to dreary

White houses with blue roofs, that is the popular image of the Greek island Santorin. But nowadays architectural coatings are not only offered in “white”, but in a wide range of colors and nuances to satisfy everybody’s taste.

Nevertheless, besides their decorative purpose, architectural coatings must provide certain durable and protective functions to interior and exterior surfaces. In order to comply with important quality criteria and guarantee consistency, a routine quality control system needs to be established.


October 26 / 27, 2022
BYK-Gardner "60 Minutes"

NEW control of color, gloss and grain

Our visual perception sees color, gloss, and surface topography together. Grain or surface texture could only be judged visually - upto now.

The new spectro2profiler measures color, gloss and grain with one measurement to objectively analyze total color and appearance harmony.

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