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Testing Solutions for Appearance Control

Gloss meter – Orange Peel meter – Haze meter – Transmission meter – Paint Mottling meter


Orange Peel Measurement at its best

The wave-scan 3 can do everything the old wave-scan was capable plus much more:

  • New appearance scales such as “dominant wavelength” analysis, require high computing power. The new wave-scan 3 is equipped with state-of-the-art chip technology to provide measurement results for any scale in 1.2 seconds.
  • The new wave-scan 3 shows Pass / Fail of your measurement data directly on the instrument display.
  • All is packaged in an ergonomic design with large color touch display for ultimate user friendliness.

Click here to get a firsthand experience of all the new benefits including a short explanation of the measurement principle - presented by our product manager Severin Wimmer.


Don’t miss the NEW smart-chart!
More Flexibility for Orange Peel Measurement

For wave-scan, cloud-runner and micro-gloss additional tolerance groups besides Horizontal & Vertical can be defined. The activated tolerance groups are displayed in the single vehicle as well as trend report.

The latest release even offers more new features:

  • Automatic check for smart-chart update
  • Additional special characters for naming
  • New function "Delete all organizers"



Why is the micro-gloss the unsur-passed Industry Standard for Gloss Measurement?

In order to guarantee gloss harmony i.e. no visual gloss differences between adjacent parts coming from different suppliers a glossmeter needs to fulfill the following technical requirements:

  • Excellent short and long-term repeatable results
  • Temperature stable results - no matter whether you measure inside or outside in winter or in summer time
  • Same results from instrument to instrument
  • Reliable data at any gloss level for high to low gloss applications

Click here to get insides of the micro-gloss technical performance illustrated with practical examples.


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