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Testing Solutions for Appearance Control

Gloss meter – Orange Peel meter – Haze meter – Transmission meter – Paint Mottling meter

NEW Orange Peel Meter: wave-scan 3


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BYK-Gardner "60 Minutes"

Get a clear view - How to ensure the quality of your transparent product

The appearance of a transparent product is defined by its application. For an excellent readability phone cover glass has to be crystal clear.

Packaging film used in the food industry should be very clear and transparent, while film for grocery bags should be translucent and diffuse the light.

Gloss Measurement of small Parts


Often small parts are integrated in a large part or connect parts such as frames, buttons or decorative trim pieces.


Check out how the micro-gloss XS helps to ensure a harmonized appearance!


Haze measurement quantifies
SOFT FOCUS effect of lotions


In the cosmetic industry the soft focus effect is used in anti-aging creams and tinted lotions. The idea is to diminish skin imperfections and to create a natural look.


Therefore, the lotion should have a high percentage of total transmission as well as transmission haze.


The haze-gard i is used to objectively evaluate the efficiency of soft focus products.


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