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haze-gard Transparency Transmission Haze Meter

haze-gard i

Haze meter according ASTM D1003 and ISO standards

haze-gard i Pro

Haze meter for crystal clear glass with toughest limits

haze-gard i: The objective standard for a clear view

How to control the appearance of transparent materials?

Transparent products can have a milky or fuzzy appearance dependent on their light scattering behavior. The haze-gard i quantifies the visual perception with objective measurement criteria:


  • Total transmittance
  • Transmission haze
  • Clarity

Open and flexible - measure transparency of any product size

The open measurement compartment let’s you work freely to analyze any sample size. Quickly change and position small and large samples.
Dependent on the sample material we designed various sample holders for thin films, sheets, liquids, taber abraded samples which can be easily mounted on the pre-installed track. 

The innovative lighting of the haze-gard i using a long-term stable LED allows measurement without any influence of ambient light.

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To guarantee your final product is within specs, it is best to control already the raw materials.  Find out how a standardized sample preparation will give you repeatable and reliable results.

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Smart Design and Fast Operation

Horizontal or vertical set-up: sample handling in any position is convenient and allows you highest flexibility. The large touch display is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for any task, including statistics and colorful Pass/Fail analysis. A dedicated measurement button and foot switch allow fast and even hands-free operation.

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Meet ASTM D1003 and ISO standards for global compliance

The haze-gard i controls complete transparency according to international standard methods and displays all results simultaneously - well prepared for any customer specification:

  • ASTM D1003 - illuminants C and A
  • ISO 13468 - illuminant D65

What causes the hazy appearance?  Find out how to measure "Inner Haze".

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Reliable and precise transmission and haze data

With state-of-the-art optics and LED technology the haze-gard i delivers an unprecedented performance.


Reference beam, self-diagnosis and enclosed optics ensure precise and reliable readings. The LED light source assures long-term stable results for many years: 10 year warranty on the lamp life! Automatic, long-term calibration - superior repeatability and inter-instrument agreement are guaranteed.


Document and analyze your transmission and haze data with smart-chart

Data transfer can be performed via cable with USB-port or data saving on USB-stick and even a LAN connection is available for further analysis in your own LIMS system.

smart-lab Haze software professionally analyzes the data for you:

  • Define your product specifications in standard management for Pass/Fail analysis
  • Measure your products online and get instant QC reports displayed
  • Manage your lab work in projects to show production process stability using trend reports
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Do you need to check abrasion resistance of your products?

Here you find an example for haze measurement using a Taber abrader or a windshield wiper for automotive glasses.

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Variety of sample holders for films, sheets, Taber abrasion or turbidity of liquids

The haze-gard i comes with a precision guide carriage which allows easy replacement of different holders. Various sample holders are available for sheets, films or very thin films. Additional options are a holder for taber abrasion test and a cuvette table for measurement of liquids. Even customized sample holders can be easily attached.

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