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cloud-runner Mottling Meter Control of Paint Mottling


Objective measurement of paint mottling

Mottling disturbes the overall color harmony of effect finishes

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Control and guarantee a uniform finish – no more mottling!

What does mottling of effect finishes mean?

Mottling disturbes the overall color harmony of effect finishes. It is an undesirable defect which can occur with effect coatings and is most obvious on light metallics.

These irregular lightness variations can now be objectively measured: the cloud-runner simulates visual evaluation under different observing angles and characterizes clouds / mottles by their size and visibility.

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Control paint mottling at the line: Easy to use with one hand

  • Small and light weight - easy to handle
  • Scan length is variable up to 100 cm
  • Easy, menu guided operation via scroll wheel and large, multilingual display
  • Full statistics, large memory and USB port
  • Docking station for data transfer to the PC and recharging the batteries of the mottling meter
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Ideal for mottling control

in the production line and in the field -

objective evaluation independent of lighting and viewing conditions

Paint mottling chart for easy Pass / Fail analysis

For easy quality control the mottle chart was developed.
The data is analyzed by color with a specific texture. For example a fine silver can have a texture value of approximately – 4, while a coarse silver will be around +3.
An overall “Mottle index” can be set to indicate a Pass – Warning – Fail limit.


What causes paint mottling - how to efficiently control the coating process: smart-chart provides the needed transparency

smart-chart includes powerful standard management for defining all essential appearance parameters with Pass/Fail tolerances. Its "Organizer" set-up enables clear sample identification and a menu guided operation on the instrument. Product schematics help to define specific sampling procedures.

The entered parameters can be used for filtering the measured data and allows detailed analysis. From single test series to trend reports over time or special charts for trouble shooting - smart-chart is your tool for process stability.

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