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micro-gloss Glossmeter


Three angle gloss meter

micro-gloss 60° robotic

Gloss meter for automation

micro-gloss: Intelligent gloss meter with smart communication

The gloss meter with the best performance

The accuracy and reliability of the micro-gloss has been proven by thousands of users.

Temperature stable gloss data
Depending on the season and country temperature can change during day / night shift or between  production / Lab. The micro-gloss does not care – it always gives you the same results.
Reproducible gloss data from glossmeter to glossmeter
Uniform gloss is a sign of high quality but a challenge for a multi-component product. The micro-gloss family’s unsurpassed performance makes it possible - even tightest tolerances can be met.

Repeatable gloss data
Goal is to meet the target value within a defined tolerance.  The micro-gloss guarantees repeatable results within 0.1 GU - measured gloss differences are true product variations.

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The gloss meter you can always count on

Auto Diagnosis
Production environment is often rough and dusty which can affect the performance of your glossmeter as optics can accumulate dust on the lenses. 
The micro-gloss has an “auto-diagnosis” which checks the actual performance of the instrument and gives you instant feedback:

  • Auto-diagnosis is OK
  • Please clean standard
  • Optics need cleaning -> Send in for service / recertification

The auto-diagnosis is your insurance for reliable measurement data.

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Largest product range – Best technical performance
Software included 


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The gloss meter for high, medium and matt gloss

High gloss, semi gloss, matt - what geometry is best?
The answer is easy: micro-TRI-gloss. 

  • micro-TRI-gloss sees gloss changes under the right angle
  • International standards define 3 geometries for measuring matte to high gloss surfaces.
  • With micro-TRI-gloss you always have the right angle on hand and quickly recognize quality variations.
  • 20° geometry for high-gloss surfaces
  • 60° geometry for semi-gloss surfaces
  • 85° geometry for low gloss surfaces
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The gloss meter for multi-tasking:

Gloss + Thickness measurement
An efficient coatings process should use as little paint as possible and fulfill the quality specifications given by the customer. Gloss and film thickness are important QC criteria for coatings.
The micro-TRI-gloss µ measures both, at the same position and within a second. This saves time and is ideal for checks in the field - only one instrument to carry.

  • Simultaneous display 20°, 60°, 85° - for high gloss to matte coatings
  • Dual film thickness sensor Fe/NFe - measures thickness on steel as well as on aluminum
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smart-chart Software

saves and analyzes your gloss data – all included.

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The gloss meter for ultra-small parts

micro-gloss XS
Often small parts are integrated in a large part and uniform gloss is required. The micro-gloss XS is as reliable as their “big brothers”.

  • Even with the ultra-small measuring area of 2x4 mm, the readings are the same as with the micro-gloss 60°
  • Even a S-class model is available for superior performance on matt finishes
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The gloss meter for automated quality control

micro-gloss robotic
A stable running process is the key for uniform and consistent quality which can only be achieved with high sampling rates. The micro-gloss robotic is your answer to INDUSTRY 4.0.

  • Contact gloss measurement for any material 
  • Non-contact gloss measurement ideal for running production lines or scratch sensitive surfaces
  • The glossmeter can be either fixed and the sample is moved by a robot to the instrument
  • The glossmeter can be integrated into measuring cells like an xy-table  
  • Gloss measurements are taken always on the same spot with no operator influence - repeatable positioning and reliable results.
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micro-gloss S family
The S-class stands for SUPERIOR performance developed to guarantee gloss harmony on matt finishes

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