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October 2022

Newsletter - 19th Edition


  • NEW "state-of-the-art" web-based software for color matching in repair body shops
  • Special promotion "micro-wave-scan"
  • NEW "Knowledge Base" on
  • NEW “Approach to Measure BLACK” with PRO-models and Jetness indices
  • Knowledge: The rainbow - a colorful circle

April 2022

Newsletter - 18th Edition


  • New rotational viscometer, byko-visc RT family
  • Early Bird Special for byko-visc RT family
  • Helpful tips for testing architectural coatings
  • Customer survey to optimize our services
  • Cup color influences our coffee taste


February 2022

Newsletter - 17th Edition


  • The revolution in color measurement continues
  • Check out our Quality Control Rally
  • BYK Certified Expert for Color Measurement
  • Data Analysis without Boundaries
  • BMW iX Flow - is a chameleon

September 2021

Newsletter - 16th Edition


  • NEW multi-angle color meters: micro-TRI-color & micro-TRI-effect
  • New trade-in offers: OLD for NEW at very attractive prices
  • Global service: New functions in the QC software smart-chart
  • Knowledge: Quality control of chromatic colors


April 2021

Newsletter - 15th Edition


  • NEW Product: spectro2guide Pro, developed to measure color and the ultimate Black with highest accuracy + New Jetness indices
  • Special Promotion: QC rally continues - Trade-in offers for old color meters
  • Global Service: Free WEBseminar - The ultimate way to measure BLACK
  • Knowledge: All about BLACK

January 2021

Newsletter - 14th Edition


  • New Products: wave-scan 3 family and byko-swing
  • Special Promotion: QC rally continues - trade-in offers
  • Global Service: Online Education Program
  • Market News: Wood Coatings
  • Knowledge: Mori Digital Art Museum Tokyo

October 2020

Newsletter - 13th Edition


  • New Products: Virtual Exhibition
  • Special Promotion: YEAR-END QC Rally
  • Global Service: BYK-Gardner 60 Minutes
  • Market News: AkzoNobel and BYK-Gardner digitize surface texture for powder coatings
  • Knowledge: How Colors are created!

June 2020

Newsletter - 12th Edition


  • New Products: smart-chart 7
  • Special Promotion: 20% Color Trade-in Promotion 2020
  • Global Service: Solutions for Consumer Electronics
  • Ask our Experts: BYK Office Hours
  • Market News: Volkswagen High-tech Paint Line
  • Knowledge: Itten - Color determines Shape

March 2020

Newsletter - 11th Edition


  • New Products:
    spectro2family, spectro2profiler, wave-scan 3, smart-chart 7
  • Special Promotion:
    20% Color Trade-in Promotion 2020
  • Global Service: Let's meet online
  • Knowledge: The Blue Miracle - Part 3

December 2019

Newsletter - 10th Edition


  • New Products:
    Pro version of spectro2guide, haze-gard i, BYK-mac i
  • Special Promotion: NEW BYK Instruments Special 2020
  • Global Service: NEW "BYK-Expert-Service"
  • Knowledge: The Blue Miracle - Part 2

September 2019

Newsletter - 9th Edition


  • New Product: A new sight on Orange Peel
  • Global Service: Visit us at the K 2019 in Duesseldorf / Germany
  • Special Promotion: Package Offer for industrial Solutions
  • Market News: ALTANA aquires Paul N. Gardner
  • Knowledge: The Blue Miracle - Part 1

June 2019

Newsletter - 8th Edition


  • New Webshop: 10% discount on online orders
  • Special Promotion: Protective Coatings Field Kit
  • Global Service:
    • Benefits of standardized visual color evaluation
    • Follow BYK-Gardner on various social media channels
  • Market News: Rubber Gloves – A colorful protection!
  • Knowledge: The eternal light of California


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