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as you probably know, the headquarters of BYK Instruments is in the south of Germany about 40 km south of Munich, close to the Austrian border. With the start of the new year, winter has also arrived in our region and has us firmly in its grip. In addition, as in many other regions of our world, the Corona virus has hit us and slowed us down in some projects and activities. Thus, we are a little late to thank you for your business and trust. We hope that you had a good start to the NEW YEAR.

As it should be, we will start the new year with a big bang by continuing the revolution in color measurement with the launch of new products - really exciting!

In other news, we're offering a new service, Certified BYK Color Expert, for you to expand your technical knowledge and expertise. Skilled professionals equipped with reliable testing solutions are the key to building a state-of-the-art quality management system to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

And last but not least check out the "Knowledge" section – another revolution …

Your BYK-Gardner Team

Visual Explosion color2view Category Icon New Product

The revolution in color measurement continues…

We are excited to inform our loyal customers that we are close to releasing a new benchtop color spectrophotometer: color2view

Click here to become a color2view Follower and get an exclusive preview of the new instrument.

It’s definitely worth it - you won't be disappointed!

Special Promotions Category Icon Promotion

Check out our Quality Control Rally

Promotions on

To keep you on the cutting edge of technology, we always offer new promotions:

  • Trade-ins for your old testing instruments (BYK or other brands)
  • Discounts when ordering a package: color meter and light booth > the perfect couple for visual and instrumental color control
  • Free-of-charge cooling element when ordering an oven temperature recorder to minimize waiting time between oven runs

Please click here for details.

BYK Certified Color-Expert Category Icon Global Service

Become a Certified Color Expert

  • Participate in 3 WEBseminars of the category color measurement
  • Receive complete instructions for all WEB seminars: PDF file with audio recording
  • Complete an online exam
  • Receive an official certificate as a "Certified Color Expert"

A credential for your continuing education program - beneficial for your company as well as for your own records.

The certificate is another step on the journey to set up a cutting-edge and high-quality control system.

Curious? – Click here for registration to become a BYK Certified Color Expert.

Automotive Interior spectro2guide smart-chart Category Icon Market News

Data Analysis without Boundaries

Do you know the challenge to immediately analyze measurements taken on the production floor in the laboratory?

With spectro2guide and smart-chart, you no longer need to sprint back and forth between the lab and production. Measurement data is automatically transferred to your database via your company's WiFi network. Every team member has instant access and can proactively take measures to avoid costly rejects.

Wireless. Boundless. Flawless.

Click here to download smart-chart and use the new function.

Chameleon Car BMW iX Flow Category Icon Knowlegde

BMW iX Flow - is a chameleon

Having trouble deciding on a color?

At the touch of a button, the color changes from black to white. This is possible due to a special film consisting of millions of microcapsules filled with E-Ink (electronic ink) - a technology already used in displays for eBook readers. Differently charged color pigments are integrated into the foil and when an electric field is built up, they change their position and thus their appearance. In addition to color changes, patterns or flowing effects can be displayed: How about black racing stripes on a white body or make the spokes of the rims blink. This transformability can also offer very practical advantages: In strong sunlight, the vehicle could turn white to reduce interior heating, and in reverse, in winter, the film could ensure that as much heat as possible is retained by turning the exterior color black.

In this way, you can adjust the color and appearance of your car at any time to suit the occasion and your own mood – amazing!

This all-new innovation could be first seen at CES 2022.

More info: Just google BMWiX Flow. 😊


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