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Become a Certified Color Expert with 3 WEBseminars

Participate in the following 3 WEBseminars and take an online exam that will certify your newly acquired knowledge:

  • Visual color evaluation
  • Basic building blocks of color measurement
  • Color systems

Certificate BYK Color Expert: 395,- Euro

The price includes participation in 3 WEBseminars, the seminar materials in PDF format including audio recording.


Dates and contents

1. WEBseminar April 6 or 7, 2022

Visual color evaluation of solid colors

  • What factors play a fundamental role in the perception of color?
  • Which lighting, viewing and environmental conditions are standardized?
  • Visual color evaluation according to standard - DIN EN ISO 3668
  • What is most used in practice?
  • Metamerism and color change
  • What are the effects of different daylight simulations?

Time length: 60 min


2. WEBseminar April 27 or 28, 2022

Basic building blocks of color

  • Weak points of visual assessments
  • Interaction between light and object
  • Light sources: Standardized illuminants D65, A and F11
  • Observer: Standardized observer 2° and 10°
  • CIELAB color space
  • Measurement geometries, 45°c:0° / d:8° spex / d:8° spin and typical applications

Time length: 60 min


3. WEBseminar May 11th or 12, 2022

Color systems for solid colors


  • L*a*b* and L*C* h° coordinates
  • Color differences DL*, Da*, Db* und DL*, DC*𝑎𝑏, DH*𝑎𝑏
  • Total color difference DE*𝑎𝑏
  • Limitatios of CIELAB system

Weighted color systems for solid colors

  • Basic concept
  • Weighted color difference equations DECMC – DE94 – DE2000
  • Discussion of Pros and Cons

Time length: 60 min


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