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Rubber Gloves – A colorful protection

Can you imagine your daily life without rubber gloves? They offer protection and are available in all colors of the rainbow.

They not only have to be leak and tear proof, but also the color has to match. Therefore, color difference, tinting strength as well as opacity are controlled

Thus, it will not matter which glove the customer will wear, the pair will always match. Not an easy task!



The new byko-spectra pro achieves
Class-A daylight


Experience our new technical paper explaining the benefits of standardized visual color evaluation.


Technical terms like “Correlated Color Temperature”, Spectral Power Distribution” and especially “Metamerism Index Mivis” are discussed and explained with practical examples.


Find out how the quality of the daylight in a light booth is objectively rated compared to the CIE defined daylight D65.


The perfect couple SPECIAL


Our newest color meter spectro2guide and the powerful light-booth byko-spectra pro building the perfect couple for all our industrial users.

byko-spectra pro
The perfect couple SPECIAL
Europe & Far East
11.500 €
5.400 €
16.900 €
14.900 €
2.000 €

Additional product information and specifications please find in the product descriptions and in our product video. For a non-binding quotation: Please contact us.

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March 18th / 19th, 2020
BYK-Gardner "60 Minutes":


Webinar: NEW control of color, gloss and grain


Our visual perception sees color, gloss, and surface topography together. Grain or surface texture could only be judged visually - upto now.


The new spectro2profiler measures color, gloss and grain with one measurement to objectively analyze total color and apperance harmony.


Attend the BYK-Gardner webinar to learn more!

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