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Soluciones para la armonía del color y la textura de la superficie

Espectrofotómetro portátil y de sobremesa – Cabinas de luz – Medidor de color líquido

The “Revolution in Color Measurement” continues

Color quality control of small parts made easy with the new spectro2go XS

The visual impression defines our judgment of quality and is the key driver in our purchasing decision. Color uniformity, also referred to as “COLOR HARMONY”, is especially important for multi-component products. Small parts can easily stand out like a thorn in the side, if their color does not match the other components.

WELCOME the new spectro2go XS
New color spectrophotometer for measurement of small parts



Turning old into new: Investing in the future!

The possibilities offered by new technologies today were hardly imaginable a few years ago. The new spectro2guide lives up to its slogan "The revolution in color measurement".

A repair or recertification of our first generation of color meters, spectro-guide family, can no longer be guaranteed due to unavailability of spare parts (manufactured before 2013). Another reason to retire a 10 year old device and take advantage of this unique TRADE-IN offer.

15% Discount: Trade-in your spectro-guide or other brand color instruments


+++ Valid until September 30, 2024 +++

Become a smart-lab professional - free of charge!

How are color standards created?
Where are color tolerances defined?
How do I measure color online or offline?
How are color measurement results analyzed?
How can color results be shared?

The new step-by-step guide for smart-lab with spectro2guide shows in detail how to easily use the software smart-lab, divided into small tasks.


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