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Soluzioni di controllo per l’uniformità del Colore e della Texture superficiale

Spettrofotometri portatili e da banco – Cabine luci – Colore dei liquidi

color2view X with exchangeable apertures now available

Adaptability to change is an essential for sustainable success. This is also true for measuring tools used for quality control. Thus, we are proud to present the newest member of the color2view family:

  • The objective eye to evaluate your total visual perception
  • Easy operation and intuitive navigation create an unprecedented user experience
  • Exchangeable apertures to be flexible and future-proof



Mobile Color Measurement

  • No matter whether you check color inside or outside, in winter or summer, your color data is guaranteed to be stable and always reliable.
  • Ergonomic and light weight design combined with the ability to transfer data via WiFi allow you to take measurements in the production floor and analyze the data in the lab at the same time.
  • Global color management has never been easier with digital standard exchange within the spectro2guide family and even across family with the benchtop color2view family.

Go mobile - Trade-in your old color meter and enter the new world of digital color control.


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