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BYK Instruments - Newsletter 2022

19th Edition: October 2022

  • NEW web-based software for color matching in repair body shops
  • NEW “Approach to Measure BLACK”

18th Edition: April 2022

  • NEW rotational viscometer, byko-visc RT family
  • Cup color influences our coffee taste

17th Edition: February 2022

  • NEW benchtop spectrophotometer "color2view"
  • BMW iX Flow - is a chameleon

BYK Instruments - Newsletter 2021

16th Edition: September 2021

  • NEW multi-angle color meters for repair body shops
  • Quality control of chromatic colors

15th Edition: April 2021

  • NEW "spectro2guide Pro" for deepest BLACK
  • All about BLACK

14th Edition: January 2021

  • NEW wave-scan 3 family and byko-swing
  • Color measurement of wood coatings


BYK Instruments - Newsletter 2020

13th Edition: October 2020

  • Visit our new virtual exhibition at
  • AkzoNobel and BYK-Gardner digitize surface texture

12th Edition: June 2020

  • Color and gloss measurement for consumer electronics
  • Color theory according to Kandinsky & Itten

11th Edition: March 2020

  • NEW spectro2profiler for color and texture measurement
  • The color BLUE in the food industry

BYK Instruments - Newsletter 2019

10th Edition: December 2019

  • NEW family of portable color meters "spectro2guide family"
  • The color BLUE for flowers

9th Edition: September 2019

  • NEW scales for orange peel evaluation
  • The histroy of the color BLUE

8th Edition: June 2019

  • Color measurement of rubber gloves
  • The eternal light of California


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