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Dear customers,

Wow, it is already middle of the year. "Time flies by when you have fun".

In the following newsletter you will find new products, promotions, and service offerings we introduced to provide more solutions for your daily quality control needs.

And as usual something different in the "Knowledge" section: The color GREEN - things you might not know. 😊

Your BYK-Gardner Team

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WELCOME the new spectro2go XS

The visual impression defines our judgment of quality and is the key driver in our purchasing decision. Color uniformity, also referred to as “COLOR HARMONY”, is especially important for multi-component products.

Small parts can easily stand out like a thorn in the side, if their color does not match the other components. The spectro2go XS with a reduced measuring aperture is specially developed for the color quality control of small parts.

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Spin your color QC to the next level!

Plastic granulate is a key material in the plastics industry and is the starting point for the manufacture of a wide range of products. The requirements on color quality control of granulate are particularly challenging because of the extreme material diversity.

The sample rotator attached to the color2view automatically rotates the pellets during the measurement. Thus, excellent repeatability and reproducibility are guaranteed!

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The Solution for Multilayer Film Thickness Measurement

The BYK-PELT line of ultrasonic multi-layer thickness gauges is synonymous with highest accuracy.

High frequency ultrasound technology allows differentiation between adjacent layers - even low contrast layers and reliable measurement of coating layers as thin as 5 µm.

In order to guarantee this high accuracy BYK Instruments offers “COLOR CALIBRATION SERVICE” to establish reference guide waves at BYK-Gardner USA in Pittsford and now NEW at BYK-Gardner GmbH in Geretsried, Germany.

For more information please contact
BYK-Gardner USA: Michele Schantz, Color Calibration Manager
BYK-Gardner GmbH: Dirk Fischer, Technical Marketing

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Why is the micro-gloss the unsurpassed industry standard for gloss measurement?

The answer is simple: It is just the best.

The micro-gloss gives you consistent gloss data independent on the season’s temperature. Especially, on multi-component products where parts come from different suppliers it is essential that the gloss meters used to approve parts are in agreement. The micro-gloss instruments have excellent inter-instrument agreement ...

Click here to get insides of the micro-gloss technical performance illustrated with practical examples and why the technical performance is so important to obtain meaningful and reliable data.


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The Color GREEN

Things you might not know

The color GREEN, being the color of nature, represents fertility, growth, greenability and sustainability. It brings to mind lush grass, trees, and forests. It is the most restful and relaxing color to the eye optically due to its spectral wavelength.

Thus, the color GREEN is often used for products to associate a positive reaction. A green traffic light signals that it is safe to cross the road. Emergency exits are often marked green and indicate an escape route.

Where does the completely contradictory association of "poison green" come from?

Click here to get more insights about the color GREEN.


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