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Dear customers,

what’s new at BYK Instruments?

We have taken a step into the future with a new acquisition. This will ensure sustainable growth and offer you further innovative solutions in quality control with first-class support services.

In this newsletter, you will find:

  • NEW Product: PELT® line found a new home at BYK-Gardner
  • NEW Promotion: Buy a spectro2guide and get a "BYK-Expert for free"
  • NEW Service: New smart-chart functions for color and appearance data analysis
  • Market NEWS: Rotational viscometers with new accessories

And don’t forget to check out the KNOWLEDGE section "A very different kind of a Sphere" – really cool!

Your BYK-Gardner Team

New Product Category Icon New Product

PELT® finds a new home at BYK

This innovative product family makes it possible to detect and measure the thickness of each individual layer in a multilayer coating system.

In automotive coatings, for example, PELT® gauges can be used to determine whether the film thickness of the e-coat, primer, basecoat, or clearcoat layers have each been applied within specifications. A special feature is that this ultrasound-based technology can be used on metallic as well as non-metallic materials.

We are excited to be able to offer the industry standard PELT® thickness gauging technology.

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BYK Instruments ensures the success of your color control

The selection of a suitable measuring instrument is the first step for a successful color quality control program. However, many more factors play a role that determine success or failure, such as the selection of the appropriate color difference equation or setting meaningful and achievable limits.

We would like to support you in leading your color control to a successful program.

Purchase a spectro2guide by end of this year and get a “BYK-Expert for FREE” > 2-days of free consulting onsite or via several online sessions.

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Don’t miss the NEW smart-chart!

Prefer not to always have to ask when a new software version is available?
Install the new smart-chart, which automatically informs you about future updates. With one click your are directed to our website for download.
And the latest release even offers more new features which take you one step further on the road to digital quality control.

  • For wave-scan, cloud-runner and micro-gloss additional tolerance groups can be defined besides Horizontal & Vertical. Up-to 6 may be activated per standard.
  • The world of lighting is changing. Therefore, nine typical LED lamps are defined by the CIE and can now be activated for BYK-mac i, spectro2guide, color2view and spectro2profiler.
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Rotate and Flow through Thick and Thin with the new byko-visc RT Family

Lacquers, paints, primers, resins, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, creams, lotions, liquids soaps, beverages, dressings, sauces ...

Viscosity is an important material property which needs to be specified and controlled in order to optimize how a liquid flows, spreads, or levels under certain conditions.

The new line of byko-visc RT was just expanded with new accessories (low vicosity adapter, small sample adapter, spindles types).

Curious? Click here.


Knowledge Category Icon Knowlegde

A very different Kind of a Sphere

When dealing with color management, the term "Sphere" is associated with sphere geometry and LEDs with illuminants and thus, automatically makes you think of a color measurement instrument. Today, we would like to introduce you to a completely different kind of a “Sphere”:

With a diameter of 157 meters and 81,300 m² of surface area, The Sphere, which opened by the end of September in Las Vegas, is the largest spherical building in the world. 54,000 m² of the exterior surface are equipped with 57.6 million LEDs, which result in 1.2 million pixels and form the world's largest LED wall.

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