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in the spirit of spring, this newsletter is full of news:

  • New products: BYK-Gardner rotational viscometer, byko-visc RT family
  • Early Bird Special for byko-visc RT family
  • Helpful tips for testing architectural coatings
  • Customer survey to optimize our services to you with a raffle to win an Apple Watch 7

And last but not least, in the “Knowledge” section you will find out what you need to do to experience the best cup of coffee.

Your BYK-Gardner Team

Visual Explosion color2view Category Icon New Product

Rotate and flow through THICK and THIN

NEW Rotational Viscometer: byko-visc RT

Viscosity is an important material property which needs to be specified and controlled to optimize how a liquid flows, spreads, or levels under certain conditions.

The byko-visc RT is available as a standard and lite version with models for low, medium or high sensitivity to cover a wide range of applications and versatility in data analysis.

In the design and operation, we paid attention to the detail to ensure highest precision, easy handling and a first-class user experience.

Click here to find out more.

Special Promotions Category Icon Promotion

byko-visc RT Early Bird Special

Register to receive an early bird discount and get free a “Practical Guide to Viscosity Measurement".

White Paper: Practical Guide to Viscosity Measurement

  • Theory simply presented in FAQ style
  • Valuable tips on how to achieve repeatable and accurate measurement results
  • Typical applications for the use of different viscometers: Rotational viscometers - Krebs viscometers - Cone & Plate viscometers

Written by viscosity experts from a practical point of view.

Click here to register.

BYK Global Service Category Icon Global Service

Customer survey to optimize our services

We want to become better for you!

Service requirements are changing due to globalization and fast progressing digitization. Our communication behavior completely changed due to the Corona pandemic - virtual communication has become increasingly important and is now reality.

In order to respond to your needs even faster and more precisely, we are evaluating new forms of communication such as "chat functions and chatbots". For this we need your feedback and kindly ask you to fill out a questionnaire with 15 short questions - it will take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

As a thank you for your efforts, we will raffle an Apple Watch 7 among all participants.

Help us to become better.

Participate now.

Apple Watch 7
Market News Category Icon

Quality Requirements for Architectural Paint

Architectural coatings are available in a multitude of colors and shades. We can select among various shades of whites, a range of pastel colors or high chromatic colors to fulfill everybody’s taste. The coating should be easy to apply without dripping, cover the substrate on the first application, be super resistant to abrasion or scrubbing and of course be long term durable without fading over time despite being exposed to wind, rain and sunshine.

In the following articles you will find valuable tips how to objectively evaluate color strength, opacity (hiding power), touch-up performance, abrasion resistance, and even predict lightfastness with new spectro2guide.

Find out more about the quality control of architectural paints.


Learn more bout prediction of lightfastness with spectro2guide.


Knowledge Section Category Icon Knowlegde

Our eyes are part of the drinking experience

Not only the flavor of the coffee beans, but also the color of the coffee cup has a high influence on our coffee drinking experience.

Our brain associates the cup color with a specific taste being sweet or bitter and having a certain degree of acidity. For example, the more the cup color emphasizes the brown of the coffee, the more bitter we perceive it to be.

In this way, you can adjust the color and appearance of your car at any time to suit the occasion and your own mood – amazing!

Read here how the taste of coffee changes depending on whether you use a white, yellow, green, blue, brown or light pink cup.

Curious how to get the best coffee drinking experience? Click here to read more.


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