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The heat is on. We want to help you being more efficient finding the right solution for your quality control needs. Take a few minutes to discover the latest BYK-Gardner QC news - and in the end you will actually have more time.

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We are launching our new web shop for physical test products. All products are described in detail with their key features, test procedures and compliance to international standards. At one glance, you get information on delivery content, technical specifications and all recommended accessories.

With the new Protective Coatings Field Kit BYK-Gardner keeps it simple by offering a complete solution. The kit contains all you need for checking environmental conditions and film thickness prior to painting in accordance with SSPC PA-2.

It is equipped to measure temperature, air velocity, relative humidity, substrate humidity, and contains the new byko-test film thickness gage, which itself is a 4-in-one instrument that measures and calculates the dew point as well.

All in one carry case – your easy travel partner. Click here for the special package price.

Let it dawn on you!

Experience our new technical paper explaining the benefits of standardized visual color evaluation.

Technical terms like “Correlated Color Temperature”, “Spectral Power Distribution” and especially “Metamerism Index MIvis“ are discussed and explained with practical examples.

Find out how the quality of the daylight in a light booth is objectively rated compared to the CIE defined daylight D65.

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Can you imagine your daily life without rubber gloves? They offer protection and are available in all colors of the rainbow. They not only have to be leak and tear proof, but also the color has to match. Therefore, color difference, tinting strength as well as opacity are controlled. Thus, it will not matter which glove the customer will wear, the pair will always match. Not an easy task!

Video: Production of rubber gloves

At a fire station in California, the world’s oldest light bulb has been burning for 118 years. By now not only the light bulb, but also the town Livermore are famous and even are even in the Guinness Book of Records. On May 16, 2019 a report on the radio station, Bayern 2, from Markus Schuler once more drew attention to the centennial light bulb – an unbelievable story in the age of LED.

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