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No Surprising Mismatches with Standardized Viewing Conditions

byko-spectra pro - 7 illuminants

Best in Class Daylight for Color Critical Appraisals

It is a real challenge to achieve standard daylight D65 as defined by CIE. byko-spectra pro uses a smart combination of filtered tungsten-halogen lamps and LEDs. Automatically the right amount of UV light is added when selecting D65.
Thus, byko-spectra pro achieves the highest rendering Class A according to CIE 51.2 - unsurpassed in the industry. Best possible agreement with natural daylight evaluation.

byko-spectra pro - 7 illuminants

100% Controlled Illumination

The built-in sensors of byko-spectra pro permanently control the lamp performance and automatically adjust the voltage to guarantee lamp stability.
Actual color temperature, light intensity (lux) and lamp operation time are shown on the display to trigger lamp replacement.
Additionally, UV amount can be manually set - ideal for evaluation of optical brighteners.
For ease of use the auto sequencing mode allows you to focus on color appraisal only. 


byko-spectra pro achieves Class A – Daylight


Learn more about the benefits of standardized visual color evaluation and how the quality of daylight is objectively rated according to CIE.

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byko-spectra - 5 illuminants

Consistent Color Evaluation at an Affordable Price

  • Daylight (Class B) and department store lighting are realized with fluorescent tubes
  • UV lamp allows evaluation of optical brighteners
  • 2 models are availabe with diffuser panel for uniform illumination and without diffuser panel
  • Automatic illuminant sequencing allows standardization of your testing procedures

byko-spectra - 3 illuminants

Quick and Simple Color Appraisals at a Low Price

  • Daylight (Class B) and one department store light are realized with fluorescent tubes
  • Due to the small size of the byko-spectra mini it is ideal for do-it-yourself stores
  • Fast setup: assembly in minutes without any tools

byko-spectra effect

Visual Evaluation of Effect Finishes

To perform a standardized visual evaluation of metallic and effect finishes different viewing angles and viewing conditions are necessary:

  • Lightness flop and color travel: 45° illumination and 6 viewing angles: -15°/15°/25°/45°/75°/110°
  • Sparkling effect: Direct illumination under three angles 15°/45°/75°


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byko-spectra effect

Visual Correlation with BYK-mac i

  • A tiltable sample table allows the samples to be evaluated at the same angles as the BYK-mac i measures
  • The 45° illumination pivots together with the sample table
  • To simulate flake impression under direct sunlight bright white LEDs are used
  • The LEDs can be dimmed to adjust the lightness depending on sample type or user needs


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