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Light booth and Luminaire for color critical appraisals

Color critical appraisal of solid colors with 7 illuminants and highest accuracy.

  • Most accurate daylight simulation as defined by CIE:
    • Combination of filtered halogen lamps with LEDs
    • MIvis = 0.25: Class A according to CIE Publication 51.2
  • Seven certified illuminants: D65, A, Hz, CWF, TL84, U30 and UV
  • Critical testing of large samples: Viewing area 56 x 89 x 60 cm 
  • Adjustable light level for optimum viewing of light and dark colors
  • Auto Sequence Mode for standardized color evaluation
  • Operation via touch keypad or remote control
  • Timer to track light source usage and trigger lamp replacement
  • Simultaneous display of color temperature and light intensity in lux


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