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Transparent Sheets
Wiper resistance test



Light weight and high design flexibility make transparent plastic sheets attractive for use as “organic glass” in many different applications e.g. noise barriers, green houses, sport arenas, sky domes, solar panels or bus stop shelters. In addition, rigidity and impact resistance of acrylic (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC) sheets were optimized expanding its usage for safety and architectural glazing as well as for automotive, aircraft, yacht or caravan applications. Depending on the application, the transparency requirements will be very different and need to be objectively controlled – often within very tight specification.


Wiper resistance test

In specific applications it is necessary to adapt a test method to the typical stresses during its real-world use. The wiper resistance test was developed to simulate accelerated abrasion by automotive windshield wipers under controlled laboratory conditions. Instead of rotating abrasive wheels, a linear back and forth motion of a wiper blade is applied to the sample under test. The test specimen is placed in a box filled with a defined suspension according to ISO 12-103-1 A4 at ambient temperature.

The complete test should be done for 20.000 cycles. After the test, the samples are to be cleaned with water.

For the final evaluation, the transmission haze is measured with the haze-gard i. In order to generate a representative reading for abrasion resistance, the sample is measured at 9 positions within the center.
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