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BYK Instruments - Mission and Product Range


The mission of BYK-Gardner is to supply quality & process control solutions to those industries where appearance, color and physical properties add important value to their products.


Appearance Solutions for Opaque and Transparent Products

Uniform appearance is an important quality criterion for many products. We offer testing solutions to control ...

  • gloss and reflection haze with the micro-gloss family
  • orange peel and distinctness-of-image with the wave-scan family
  • mottling with the cloud-runner
  • transmission and haze with the haze-gard for transparent products

The measurement data of all instruments is analyzed with one software package, smart-chart.

Thus, standardized measurement procedures and statistical process control can be guaranteed among the entire supply chain on a global basis.


Color Control of Solids, Metallics and Liquids

Color harmony and color stability are critical quality criteria for any product. We offer a wide range of products to visually evaluate color under standardized conditions and objectively measure color for solid as well as metallic / effect finishes:

  • byko-spectra family of light booths
  • spectro-guide family for color control of solid colors
  • BYK-mac i family for color control of metallic finishes
  • Color tools for liquid color measurement

The smart-chart software offers data analysis for the complete color spectrophotometer family including standard management with digital standards as well as statistical analysis of your production quality.

Testing of Physical Properties

We are market leader in offering complete solutions for testing physical properties of coatings from wet to dry or from A-Z:

  • Abrasion resistance: Scratch and wash ability tester
  • Adhesion: Cross-cut tester and pull-off adhesion
  • Application: Variety of applicators, test charts and automatic film applicators
  • Conductivity control of paints and coatings
  • Dispersion equipment for lab and production size dissolvers and bead mills
  • Film thickness: destructive and non-destructive models
  • Flexibility and Hardness Testers
  • Oven temperature recorders
  • Viscosity control with flow cups or rotational viscometers and many more …
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