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smart-lab Color

Article No. 7083

smart-lab Color

  • Online color control with spectro2guide
  • Data analysis of color and fluorescence data
  • Software with two licenses for download

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Quality control in the laboratory require on one hand open and flexible data analysis and on the other hand efficient data handling of large data sets. With BYK-Gardner’s modern and intuitive software smart-lab measurements are taken in an online mode and results are instantly displayed.

  • Powerful Standard Management to define tolerances and limits
  • Export and import of digital standards among the entire supply chain for seamless communication
  • Evaluation of fluorescence with two new indices and fluorescence slider
  • Simultaneous display of results in a data table and graphs: scatter plot, line/travel diagram and spectral curves
  • Easily toggle between measurement conditions: illuminant / observer – color equations
  • Pass/Fail tolerances based on commonly available color difference methods
  • Swap standard with sample and vice versa for ultimate flexibility
  • Calculation of mean value based on a population of samples to be used as a new standard

Technical Attributes

    Technical Specifications

  • Instruments
  • Color Differences

    ΔE*; ΔECMC; ΔE94; ΔE2000; ΔEDIN6175-2; custom specific scales

  • Illuminants

    A; C; D50; D55; D65; D75; F2; F6; F7; F8; F10; F11; UL30

  • Observer
    2°; 10°
  • Indices

    YIE313; YID1925; WIE313; CIE; Berger; Color Strength; Opacity; Metamerism; Grayscale; Jetness; ΔFl; ΔEzero

  • Graphs

    Scatter plot, trend graph, spectral curve, metamerism graph, fluorescence slider

  • Languages
    Chinese English French German Italian Japanese Spanish
  • Database Format
    SQL Server Compact
  • Export / Import

    Standards (.xml format)
    Organizer (.xml format)

  • System Requirements

    Operating system: Windows® 10 1607 or later
    Microsoft® . NET Core 3.1
    Hardware: i3, 2.5 GHz, i7 recommended or equivalent
    Memory: 8 GB RAM, 16 GB recommended
    Hard-disc capacity: 4 GB during installation
    Monitor resolution: 1920 × 1080 pixel or higher
    Interface: free USB-port

Delivery Content

Software with 2 licenses for download
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