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Accessories Flow Cups

Article No. 7208

Flow Cup Accessory Kit

For Flow cups; Cover glass for removing excess sample from cup; bubble level for leveling cup and stand; stainless steel beaker; package of cleaning swabs

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  • Place flow cup in a precisely horizontal position using ring stand or temperature control jacket
  • Close orifice
  • Pour in test liquid
  • Draw a clean glass plate over the rim of the cup, removing superfluous liquid into the overflow reservoir and closing the cup
  • Remove glass plate horizontally
  • Open the orifice and start the stopwatch simultaneously
  • Stop the watch with the first break in the efflux stream
  • Repeat the measurement three times, each with a new sample of the same material

Delivery Content

Glass Plate (0440)
Spirit level (0446)
Stainless steel beaker
Package of cleaning swabs
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