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Small Port for small Parts


Often small parts are integrated in a large part or connect parts such as frames, buttons or decorative trim pieces.


Check out how the micro-gloss XS helps to ensure a harmonized appearance!


A new Sight on Orange Peel


It all started with LW and SW in the early 1990s. Today BYK Instruments´ well-known wave-scan analyzes waviness intensity with 5 wavelength ranges and evaluates the brilliance of the surface.


Thus, appearance can be analyzed and optimized based on material and / or process parameters. To keep it simple many OEMs developed their own 1- or 2-dimensional scales based on visual studies.


The latest investigation took place at VW / Audi and resulted in the evaluation of the optical profile using Fast Fourier Transformation. This new method determines one or two dominant waviness sizes and their intensity level.



micro-gloss SPECIAL

The micro-gloss family from BYK-Gardner is the unsurpassed reference in professional gloss measurement and data evaluation.

4561 micro-gloss 60°
4563 micro-TRI-gloss

Europe & Far East


Additional product information and specifications please find in the product description for the micro-gloss and in our product video. For a non-binding quotation: Please contact us.

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A flawless and natural Look

In the cosmetic industry the soft focus effect is used in anit-aging creams and tinted lotions. The idea is to diminish skin imperfections and to create a natural look.


Therefore, the lotion should have a high percentage of total transmission as well as transmission haze.


The haze-gard i is used to objectively evaluate the efficiency of soft focus products.


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