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Rotational Viscometers

Article No. 8389

byko-visc RT User Calibration Option

This time and cost saving self-calibration option is an update of the instrument menu

Note: This "Add On Option" can be loaded onto newly ordered instruments at purchasing or send your unit back to a BYK-Gardner GmbH Service Point for an update

Click here for the Chinese price list in RMB
$995.00 €890.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


These accessories are required to do the self calibration:

  • Cat. No. 8361 Small Sample Adapter
  • Cat. No. 4994 Circulating Bath, 120V, 60Hz or Cat. No. 4995 Circulating Bath 240V, 50Hz
  • Certified Thermometer
  • Select one appropriate spindle and one calibration standard according to the following list:

For byko-visc L-Models: Cat. No. 4961 Spindle TL 5  with Cat. No. 4041 Viscosity Standard RT 50

For byko-visc R-Models: Cat. No. 4964 Spindle TR 8  with Cat. No. 4043 Viscosity Standard RT 500

For byko-visc H-Models: Cat. No. 4961 Spindle TR 8 with Cat. No. 4045 Viscosity Standard RT 5000

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