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Simple QC dip cup - Zahn-type

Article No. 2102

S90 Zahn Cup No.2
Stainless steel Dip Cup, 39 - 238 cSt

  • Range in Centistokes: 39 - 238
  • Range in Seconds: 19 - 60

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BYK-Gardner Dip Viscosity Cups (Zahn Type) may be used anywhere– in shops, factories and laboratories – for quickly checking and adjusting the viscosity of many different types of liquids

  • Ideal for in-plant viscosity measurement tests
  • Easy to use
  • Precision made for reproducible results
  • Orifice diameters adjusted at the factory for appropriate results with applicable NIST traceable Newtonian oils
  • In compliance with ASTM D 4212

Technical Attributes

    Technical Specifications

  • Cup No.
    Cup No. 2
  • Cup Type
    S90 Zahn
  • Range
    39 - 238 cSt
  • Efflux Time
    19 - 60 sec
  • General

  • Weight
    0.2 kg
  • Weight
    0.4 lb



D816 D1084 D4212


Each cup has a 12-inch loop handle to allow the cup to be dipped by hand into a liquid container. At the center of this handle is a finger-ring for holding the cup in a vertical position during use. Results should be reported in Zahn-Seconds at a specified temperature for a particular cup.

  • Conversion of Zahn-Seconds to Centistokes:
    Centistokes = K * efflux time - (C / efflux time)
  • Conversion of Centistokes to Centipoise:
    Centistokes x Specific Gravity

             Conversion Factors:     K = 4.18             C = 760


Guide to Viscosity Measurement

Viscosity is an important property of liquids to determine how they flow, spread, or level under certain conditions. It can be defined as a liquid’s internal resistance to flow. Being able to measure the viscosity will allow to predict the behavior in a process or an application. When applying a paint by roll application the paint viscosity will strongly influence the amount of paint applied per surface area, thereby determining both yield and hiding power. It is crucial for liquid products to undergo a viscosity measurement in incoming and outgoing QC.  

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