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Stainless steel Dip Cup, 15 - 78 cSt

S90 Zahn Cup No.1

  • Range in Centistokes: 15 - 78
  • Range in Seconds: 31 - 60
$159.00 €168.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Ideal for in-plant viscosity measurement tests
  • Easy to use
  • Precision made for reproducible results
  • Orifice diameters adjusted at the factory for appropriate results with applicable NIST traceable Newtonian oils
  • In compliance with ASTM D 4212

Technical Attributes

  • Cup No.
    Cup No. 1
  • Cup Type
    S90 Zahn
  • Range
    15 - 78 cSt
  • Efflux Time
    31 - 60 sec
  • Weight
    0.2 kg
  • Weight
    0.4 lb



D816 D1084


Each cup has a 12-inch loop handle to allow the cup to be dipped by hand into a liquid container. At the center of this handle is a finger-ring for holding the cup in a vertical position during use. Results should be reported in Zahn-Seconds at a specified temperature for a particular cup.

  • Conversion of Zahn-Seconds to Centistokes:
    Centistokes = K * efflux time - (C / efflux time)
  • Conversion of Centistokes to Centipoise:
    Centistokes x Specific Gravity

             Conversion Factors:     K =  1.59           C = 1070

Other Variations

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