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Film Applicator with 2 Gap Clearances

Dow Latex Applicator

The U-shape of this film applicator allows to draw down a second coat of paint directly upon a hardened first coat. The gap on one side has both greater clearance and width than the gap on the other side.

  • U-shaped bar with two gap clearances
  • U-shaped design yields a consistent film width
  • Applicator is made of stainless steel


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$325.00 €287.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost

Technical Attributes

    Technical Properties

  • Gap Clearance


    7 and 10 mils (178 and 254 µm)

  • Film Width
  • Film Width
  • Technical Specifications

  • Gap Clearance Range mil/µm



D823 D3258


  • Place substrate to be coated on smooth surface
  • Apply paint within the channel formed by the U-shape of the bar on the smaller side
  • Pull at uniform speed (approx. 25 mm/s)
  • Let first coat dry
  • Apply second coat directly upon first coat with the larger side. The ends of the applicator remain on the uncoated panel surface.
  • Put applicator immediately into diluted cleaning solvent and clean with brush
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