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Pendulum Hardness Tester

Article No. 5865

byko-swing König
Damping method for paints & coatings - automatic version

  • Includes base unit and König pendulum
  • Can also be used for Persoz method with optional Persoz pendulum

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Fully automated instrument for measuring pendulum hardness in accordance with the König and Persoz methods.

  • Automated design ensures reliable and repeatable measurement of coating hardness by reducing operator intervention
  • Motorized sample platform lifts the sample into the test position
  • Pendulum is positioned and released automatically
  • Automatic counter with signal when deflection is below 3° (König) or 4° (Persoz) respectively
  • Changeable from König to Persoz and vice versa with corresponding pendulum
  • Pre-assembled draft shield with easy access door
  • UL/CE/CSA certification
  • Compliant with ASTM D4366 and ISO 1522
  • Smallest sample size: 65mm x 75mm (2.6 x 3.0 inches)
  • Largest sample size: 102mm x 229mm (4.0 x 9.0 inches)
  • Maximum sample thickness : 8.5mm (0.33 inches)
  • Minimum sample thickness is limited by the rigidity of the sample.

Technical Attributes

    Technical Specifications

  • Weight
    200 g ± 0.2
  • Ball Diameter
    5 mm
  • Deflection Start/End
    6° / 3°
  • Period of Oscillation
    1.4 s
  • Damping Time on Glass
    250 s ± 10 s
  • General

  • Power supply
    100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 1 A
  • Weight
    18.4 kg
  • Weight
    40.6 lb
  • Dimensions: L x W x H
    25 x 28 x 77 cm
  • Dimensions: L x W x H
    10 x 11 x 30.3 in






Delivery Content

Pendulum hardness tester
Protective cover
Pendulum König (5856)
Glass calibration standard
Power supply
Calibration certificate


Pendulum Hardness Test

The hardness and flexibility of a coating are opposing functionalities that need to be optimized to achieve the right balance for a specific application. A coating should have a high hardness on the one hand and be elastic at the same time. The pendulum test is used to evaluate elasticity by measuring the damping time of an oscillating pendulum. Measurement principle, test method including sample preparation and expected measurement precision are explained with typical examples from the practice.

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