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Wet Film Thickness Gauge - hexagon in microns

Comb Gage 25-2000 µm, stainless steel

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Measuring range: 25 - 2000 µm
  • Outer diameter: 90 mm
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  • Wet film measurement provides first opportunity to do a quick check of the coating and its application process

  • Simple low-cost device which is useful whan approximate values are satisfactory

  • Very useful for coating systems where the dry film thickness can only be measured destructively

Technical Attributes

    Technical Properties

  • Material
    stainless steel
  • Technical Specifications

  • Measuring Range Mils / µm
  • Full Scale Calibration Range Mils/ µm



D4414 D713


  • For measuring, push the comb gage perpendicularly into the film using the measuring range that corresponds to the expected film thickness
  • Remove the comb gage from the coating
  • The wet film thickness will fall between the clearance of the shortest tab that is wet and the clearance of the next shortest dry tab
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