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Fischer Calibration Standards

Article No. 11244

Precision Shim, 0.22 mil/5.59 µm

  • Precision Plastic Shim (Mylar Calibration Standards)
  • 1.5” x 1” (38 x 25 mm)
  • 0.22 mils / 5.59 µm Nominal Value

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  • These plastic shims aid in the calibration of thickness gages on ferrous or non-ferrous metallic substrates. Plastic shims can be used to calibrate on the actual test substrate.

  • The Fischer Calibration Shims, Foils and Standards are used for the correct measurement of coatings with Coating Thickness Gauges

  • Both mils and microns are stated on the foils, shims and standards

  • All foils, shims and standards are certified, serialized, and traceable to NIST or BAM

  • All ranges are approximate and will be as close as possible to your defined thickness

  • ISO 17025 Certification available

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