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Calibration Shim Kit

Article No. 3740

Calibration Shims 25-500 µm
Paint Thickness Gauge Calibration Standard

  • Shim thickness is approximately 25 µm (1 mils), 50 µm (2 mils),125 µm (4.9 mils), 250 µm (9.8 mils), 500 µm (19.7 mils)

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  • 5-piece transparent foil set used for verification and user specific calibration
  • All ranges are approximate and will be as close as possible to the defined thickness
  • Includes test certificate traceable to PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt / the National Metrology Institute of Germany).
  • The foils are labelled in inch and in micron

Technical Attributes

    Thickness Measurement

  • Thickness
    25 µm (1 mil); 50 µm (2 mil); 125 µm (4.9 mil); 250 µm (9.8 mil); 500 µm (19.7 mil)

Delivery Content

Set of 5 calibration shims
Fe zero plate
NFe zero plate
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