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Low Viscosity Adapter with water jacket

  • Viscosity range for byko-visc L: 1.0 -    2,000 cP
  • Viscosity range for byko-visc R: 5.0 - 21,333 cP 
  • Water jacket is made of stainless steel with delrin o-rings:
    Temperature range: -10°C - 100°C / 14°F - 212°F
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$1,359.00 €1,385.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • For any L and R viscometer models
  • Accurate and reproducible results for low viscous
    Newtonian and non-Newtonian materials
  • Takes measurements as low as 1 cP
  • Only 16 - 18 ml of sample needed
  • Removable stainless steel container easy to clean

Delivery Content

Spindle (4972)
Sample chamber
Water jacket
Mounting bracket
Hook fasteners
Carrying case
Data sheet
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