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Accessories Vane Spindles for byko-visc RT

Article No. 8367

V-71 Vane Spindle

  • Viscosity range for byko-visc RT R: 15 – 260000 cP
  • Viscosity range for byko-visc RT Lite R: 20 – 87000 cP
  • Viscosity range for byko-visc RT H: 126 – 2 Mio. cP
  • Viscosity range for byko-visc RT Lite H: 160 – 698000 cP
  • Minimum required sample volume 250 ml

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Vane spindles are designed to measure the dynamic viscosity of non-flowing liquids and/or heterogeneous materials. Vane spindles generate a cylindrical movement of the sample. 

  • The Vane V71 to V75 series enable to work in viscosities from 15 to 434 Mio. cP
  • Typically used with byko-visc RT R and H models
  • Economical and easy-to-use
  • Typically used at low speeds
  • Select the spindle type in such a way that the viscosity of the sample is in the upper range.
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