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byko-chart brightened 2A

  • Clearcoated opacity chart
  • Brighter white section than regular opacity charts:  L* in CIE approx. 2 units higher, b* approx. 2 units lower
  • Black section comparable to regular charts
  • Free from optical brighteners
  • Size: 140 x 254 mm (5.5 x 10 in)
$90.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost

Save up to 30% when you buy 4 or more boxes and only pay $63.00 each!


  • Optimum chart to measure coating opacity
  • Large product offering to fit all applications

Technical Attributes

  • Material
  • Size
    140 x 254 mm
  • Size
    5.5 x 10 in
  • Qty/Box





D344 D2805 D2244

Delivery Content

250 pieces / box
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