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color2view Color Control Benchtop Spectrophotometer


Color measurement with
fixed or variable aperture

color2view Pro

Color & Jetness measurement:
Fixed or variable aperture

Touch the color with color2view: The Revolution in Color Measurement continues...

Perfectly Formed Design

Turnable. Balanced. Compact.

Samples of different sizes and shapes can be a challenge for proper instrument positioning and can turn the workflow upside down.

The new color2view even has two sample openings “top and front” to best suit your application. Turning the instrument is easy thanks to its compact and lightweight design.


Storage of Standards

Always at hand. Tidy. Protected.

It’s often the little things that make life a lot easier: a light switch in the right place, a cup holder in the optimal size and position... For this reason, we have given a lot of thought to easy handling and operation. The result is a storage compartment for standards. This way, the standards are always at hand and well protected.

7600_color2view_close-up_Standard Compartment 1.jpg

color2view X
Flexible and future-proof due to
Intelligent, exchangeable apertures

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The Revolution in Color Measurement

Color. Gloss. Fluorescence.

The color2view uses circumferential illumination at 45° with 0° viewing angle – to measure color as you see it.

Simultaneously 20° and 60° gloss are measured to clearly differentiate medium to high gloss samples.


A new feature is the quantification of fluorescence to predict lightfastness. Colorful graphs show the degree of fluorescence and the calculated color change after fluorescence degradation is displayed with easy to understand CIELAB- and DE data.

7600_color2view_Fluorescence samples_3.jpg

Prediction of Lightfastness

Excited. Emitted. Shifted.

The combination of a spectrophotometer with a ?uorimeter opens up completely new perspectives to control color quality and guarantee color stability.


Lightfastness is analyzed with proprietary calculations predicting the color change with total color difference DE as well as individual color component deltas DLABCH. The excitation and emission range of fluorescent behavior is displayed with the slider function in smart-lab.


color2view Pro

Quality control of deepest blacks
with an unsurpassed accuracy
offering special Jetness indices

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Brilliant Color Display

Swipe. Touch. Measure.

The color2view offers a brilliant, capacitive touchscreen and an iconbased navigation to offer an intuitive, smartphone like operation. You can touch and swipe without pressure – it even works wearing gloves.


Strike. Score. Save.

An integrated camera permits a live preview of the measurement spot. This prevents false readings on imperfections or scratches and ensures precise positioning of the sample.


Positioning of Samples

Soft. Invisible. Handy.

How to make sample handling easy and ensure repeatable positioning?


Our smart sample holder can be stored flat in the housing of the measuring instrument when not in use. On its way to the aperture, it can be parked at several positions so that sensitive samples can be picked up with 2 hands – without having to hold the sample
holder. During the measurement, it fixes the sample in its intended place and after the work is done, it closes gently thanks to the soft-close function.

7600_color2view_Front Port_Paint samples_1.jpg

Automatic sample rotator

Measuring plastic raw materials
repeatable and reproducible
has never been easier


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High-tech manufacturing and smart LED Technology

High-tech. Smart. Experienced.

Due to the proven BYK LED technology based on stringent selection criteria and a homogenous illumination of the large measurement spot, short-term and long-term repeatability are unsurpassed in the industry.

The temperature behavior of electronic and optical components is controlled to guarantee temperature stability between 10 °C and 40 °C – no need for re-calibration.


All together highest accuracy and inter-instrument agreement are ensured to enable a global color management with digital standards


Global Color Management

Digital. Cross-Family. Pioneering

Measurement needs are different within a supply chain. A paint or plastic pellet manufacturer prefers a benchtop instrument to repeatably measure panels or granulates in the laboratory, while finished goods need to be directly controlled at the production line where portable instruments are required. To set-up a seamless global color management system the same binding standards need to be used by all involved parties.

For the first time ever in the industry, digital standards can be exchanged between benchtop and portable color instruments. Due to the excellent intra-instrument agreement between color2view and spectro2guide, the seamless use of digital standards has become reality – without any extra-profiling.


The new generations of spectro2guide and color2view open up completely new horizons.


color2view & spectro2guide

Exchange of digital standards between
benchtop and portable color meter to
guarantee a global QC management system.

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smart-chart Software

Global. Efficient. Proactive

The color2view sensor with onboard display of measurement results is only one of two equal partners needed for a professional quality control system. The sole data documentation represents only a snapshot of your quality right now. To get a real understanding of your process stability, data needs to be collected and analyzed to guarantee trend recognition and continuous improvement.

Therefore, the color2view comes with the software smart- chart as a complete system:

  • A powerfull standard management module lets you pick the right color system with tolerances and define measurement conditions.
  • The data can be stored in a SQL-database for efficient data handling or in projects files (XML format) for easy communication exchange.
  • The professional data analysis provides a comprehensive and flexible data analysis and yet is easy to use with pre-configured graphs. 
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