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BYK Instruments - Certification Services for Standards


Whether motivated by regulatory requirements or the need for assurance of correct and reliable measurements a regular certification of your working standards to a certified reference standard is critical to a manufacturing process according to ISO 9001 guidelines.

Our master standards for color and appearance are sent for recertification to international institutes on a routine basis as defined in our ISO 17025 guidelines. A clearly documented chain of calibration including master instruments to create working standards for production and local service standards controls the maintenance at all BYK-Gardner service points and authorized agents.

Our color & appearance standards are traceable to international reference institutes:

  • Gloss Standards: Traceable to Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Berlin / Germany (BAM) and National Research Institiute of Canada (NRC)
  • Color Standards: For solid and multi-angle color measurement traceable to National Research Institute of Canada (NRC), National Physical Laboratory, UK (NPL) and Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany (PTB)
  • Orange Peel & DOI Standards: Traceable to BYK-Gardner internal reference standards
  • Mottling Standards: Traceable to BYK-Gardner internal reference standards
  • Total Transmission & Haze Standards: Traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA (NIST)

Our certification services of color and
appearance standards include:

  • Inspection and documentation of standard condition as received
  • Measurement of standard with master instrument
  • Cleaning of standard
  • Factory calibration certificate or traceable* certificate * offered by BYK-Gardner ISO/IEC 17025
  • Inspection sticker

Our certification services for physical testing tools include:


Adhesion and film thickness cutters / Viscosity cups:

  • Inspection and documentation of tool condition as received
  • Dimensional check with reference standards
  • Traceable certificate

Temperature probes / Conductivity cell probes:


  • Inspection and documentation of tool condition as received
  • Resistivity measurement with master instrument
  • Traceable certificate

Your benefits are:

  • Traceable working standard as reference to check performance of instrument
  • Technical performance adjusted to smallest uncertainties to meet original specifications
  • Fair and realistic calibration appraisals
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