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all around us, nature is changing colors with amazing intensity and diversity. This preparation for winter signals that the end of the year is near. Therefore, we would like to give you a brief update from BYK Instruments on quality control of color, gloss, and physical testing methods to ensure your testing methods are up to date.

In this newsletter, you will find:

  • NEW "state-of-the-art" web-based software for color matching in repair body shops
  • NEW "Knowledge Base" on
  • NEW “Approach to Measure BLACK” with PRO-models and Jetness indices

And last but not least, in the “Knowledge” section you will find out that the rainbow is a colorful circle.

Your BYK-Gardner Team

New Product

Digital Fan Deck for Repair Body Shop

The new software for COLOR MATCHING in repair body shops is a STATE-OF-ART web application that runs on a smart phone, tablet or PC. It is user-friendly, easy to operate and very fast.

New search & correction algorithms shorten the matching process by finding the best candidate within seconds. The search candidates can be automatically and manually corrected to achieve matching rates of 80 % and higher.

And the match from scratch function even helps you to find the best pigment combination for matching a new unknown target color.

You can save cost and a lot of time with a digital BYK fandeck. Your color database is online and always up-to-date for easy access by your repair body shops.

Click here for a personal consulting.

Special Promotion

Take Advantage of micro-wave-scan Special

An exterior paint finish has to protect the product from weathering or mechanical impacts and at the same time “look great”. Color, gloss and orange peel (flow and leveling) should be consistent and uniform.

The micro-wave-scan is the perfect solution to objectively evaluate orange peel and gloss (brilliance) of small and curved add-on parts. No need to judge them visually anymore!

Special Discount 2000,- € ($ 2000.-) - valid until November 30, 2022

Click here for more information and a non-binding quotation.

Global Service

BYK Instruments Knowledge Database

On we started to build up a KNOWLEDGE DATABASE to provide you with valuable information about product theory and practical hints & applications.

In our Support section you find NEW Product Theory articles to read and download.

New Product Theory

Click here to gain knowledge.

Market News

New Approach to Measuring BLACK

Measuring deep black colors objectively, repeatedly and reliably has been a challenge for many years. We have mastered this task with the Pro-models of spectro2guide, a handheld spectrophotometer and the color2view, a benchtop spectrophotometer. This ground-breaking new development for the measurement of deep black paints and coatings was developed in cooperation with Orion Engineered Carbons, a leading global supplier of carbon black.

Technical performance is outstanding, even with deep black samples with a hue-independent blackness value MY of close to 400.

Curious? Click here and find out more about measurement of BLACK.


The Natural Phenomenon RAINBOW
- A - C o l o r f u l - C i r c l e -

As we know, the rainbow is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in drops of water, but the rainbow has more than just seven colors. The white sunlight consists of visible light to the human eye, and the invisible spectrum either below red (infrared) or above violet (ultraviolet). The seven visible colors from outside to inside are just part of it.

Rainbows are in the shape of a full circle, not the arch that everyone believes it to be. It is because the rainbow reflects the round shape of the sun. If you take a plane or use a drone, you may see a circular rainbow from the sky. As viewers see the rainbow on the ground, only the part above the horizon can be seen.

Photo by: Colin Leonhard,

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