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Color & Gloss Measurement of Cosmetic Packaging



Wikipedia says: “Packaging is the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.” In many markets like cosmetics, packaging is much more than that. The packaging needs to be not only functional but also attractive. Packaging which is beautiful and looks expensive influences the consumer’s purchasing decision.

Basically all beauty products – hair care, skin care, sun care, color cosmetics, fragrance, bath and body, etc. – can benefit from added-value packaging. Main features of the product can be reflected in its packaging and trigger feelings. For example, metallic cans for hairstyling products promising a glamorous look.

Measurement of Cosmetic packaging

For expensive looking, high quality packaging with maximum shelf impact it is important that only those batches leave factory, which are of consistent color and appearance. BYK-Gardner’s instruments make sure that the precise color, effect and appearance specifications are met every time.

There are many ways of preparing packaging samples for taking measurements. The easiest situation is when dealing with packaging, that is the ideal shape and size. Packaging with flat and adequately sized areas, that fit the aperture of the instrument perfectly, can be measured by directly bringing the instrument in contact with the packaging. In case of flexible plastic packaging, e.g. a plastic shampoo bottle, one possibility is to cut through the sample and lay it flat. This way the sample is transformed from a 3-D shape into a 2-D shape and again measurements can be taken by direct contact with the aperture of the instrument.
One challenge is the measurement of cylindrical shaped packaging. It is rather difficult to achieve repeatable instrument positioning when measuring curved samples, which is the pre-requisite for reliable results. As a result BYK-Gardner developed the sample holder cosmetics with a cylinder kit. The sample holder is constructed like a drawer to prevent ambient light from influencing the measurement results. Customized inlays inside the drawer hold the cylinders in place. The holder comes with three different masks which fit the apertures of the BYK-mac i, the spectro2guide or the micro-gloss.

Drawer-like Design

The sample holder cosmetics is designed like a drawer, which can be comfortably opened and closed. Magnets keep the drawer from sliding open.
  •  Sample drawer for easy product placement
  •  Secure positioning allows readings always at the same spot
  •  Covers entire measurement area
→ Repeatable & reproducible readings guaranteed
Sample Holder-empty590x590.jpg
Cosmetics Kit 590x590.jpg

Extremely Versatile

A variety of products can be measured: Lipstick, fingernails, hairspray cans… No matter which product you need to control - the new sample holder cosmetics will be your solution.

Lipstick Kit

  • Prismatic clamp for inserting lipsticks with various diameters
  • Magnets on bottom plate for reliable locking, simple attachment and removal

Nail Kit

  • Exchangeable nail attachment, which is customizable for various nail shapes
  • Reliable rigid placement via magnets on bottom plate

Cylinder Kit

  • Customizable inlays for various diameters of cylindrical shaped products
  • Optimum form closure guarantees tight fit of inlays inside the holder

Completely Shielded

The drawer-like structure equipped with a special mask, which is precisely fitting the color or gloss instrument in use, enables measurements of your samples in a completely shielded compartment. 
  •  No ambient light
  •  Special, exchangeable masks for color & gloss control
  •  Durable, easy-to-clean material
→ High quality readings ensuring high quality production processes 
BYK-mac +Sample Holder 590x590.jpg
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