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Objective color QC of transparent liquids

Article No. 9562

Objective color QC and analysis of transparent liquids

  • Spectrophotometer - Highly accurate and reliable results are guaranteed by the dual beam principle
  • Determination of visual color numbers and common color scales (e.g. CIELAB, CIELCH, Hunter Lab)

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Data Output
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The LCM IV is a reliable color instrument which replaces conventional visual color evaluation with an objective measurement. It is ideal for routine production control of clear, transparent liquids like resins, adhesives and solvents.

  • All important color scales and indices included
  • Stand alone unit with built-in 7” touch-screen display allows use without the need of a PC
  • Automatic cuvette detection - avoids faulty data measurement
  • Automatic zero and calibration memory for all type of cuvettes - ensures use of correct calibration data
  • Designed for the use of disposable plastic cuvettes, high precision glass cuvettes or 11 mm test tubes
  • Easy to exchange rectangular cell compartment
  • High measurement reliability is guaranteed by comprehensive verification kits
  • User profile memory with password protection for individual configurations - including GLP documentation
  • Open sample compartment for ease of operation
  • Front USB interface for PC or printer connection
  • Easy data transfer into existing networks through integrated Ethernet (LAN) interface

Technical Attributes

    Technical Specifications

  • Illumination - Power supply
  • Data Output
    Spectral Data and Liquid Color Indices
  • Color Measurement

  • Type
    Single-beam photometer with reference beam path
  • Spectral Range Colorimetric
    380-720nm, 10nm resolution
  • Spectral Range (Photometric)
    320-1100nm, 1nm resolution
  • Color Scales
    CIELab; CIELCh; Hunter Lab
  • Color Indices
    Gardner; Hazen/APHA; Iodine; Saybolt; Lovibond; Hess-Ives; European, US and Chinese Pharmacopoeia; Mineral oil; Yellowness; Acid Wash Test; Chlorophyll A; ADMI
  • Illuminants
    A, C, D65
  • Observer
    2°, 10°
  • Spectral
    % transmission; % absorbance, concentration
  • Light Source
    Tungsten Halogen Lamp
  • General

  • Memory
    3000 color measurements, 100 color references, 1000 photometric readings
  • Interface
    2x USB-A; 2x USB-B; 1x Ethernet (LAN)
  • Export

    *.csv file to USB memory stick or Ethernet

  • Power supply
    100 - 240 V / 47 - 63 Hz
  • Weight
    4.2 kg
  • Weight
    9.3 lb
  • Operating temperature
    10 - 40 °C
  • Operating temperature
    50 - 104 °F
  • Relative humidity
    up to 80%, 35°C (95°F), non condensing
  • Dimensions: L x W x H
    25.5 x 35 x 15.1 cm
  • Dimensions: L x W x H
    10 x 13.7 x 5.9 in



Cc 13e




2049 4630 6271 27608


D156 D848 D1045 D1209 D1500 D1544 D1925 D5386 E308


5033 6162 6174

Delivery Content

Instrument with dust cover
External power supply
Adapter for 10 mm rectangle cuvettes
addista - color standards (9532)
Single use plastic cuvettes (10 x 50 mm)- 10 pieces (9555)
Single use glass cuvettes (11 mm) - 10 pieces


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