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Geretsried, March 19, 2024

The spectro2family success story continues

Color quality control of small parts made easy with the new spectro2go XS

The color and appearance of a product are key factors in the decision-making process for all of us. Whether buying a car or simply shopping in the supermarket: for 85% of shoppers, color is a key reason why they buy a particular product. To meet all requirements associated with the wide range of products to be tested, BYK Instruments is expanding its product portfolio of portable Spectrophotometer.



Launched in 2018, the spectro2guide was a novelty on the market in several respects.

From the vertical design, whose form follows function and ensures that the large touchscreen is always in view, to the combination of 3 measuring principles in one instrument:
Color - Gloss - Fluorescence.

In 2020 and 2021, the spectro2guide PRO followed with increased accuracy for the exact measurement of deepest black as well as the spectro2go, which represents the entry into the spectro2 family.

The spectro2go XS with a reduced measuring aperture (∅ 5 mm) for color quality control of small parts now completes the family.

What they all have in common is the intuitive icon-based menu and the integrated camera, which shows a live preview of the measuring spot to ensure precise positioning – even on the smallest samples.

Along with the other members of the spectro2 family, the spectro2go XS uses innovative, high-performance LED technology as its light source. 

Due to its outstanding performance, the short-term, long-term and temperature stability as well as the homogeneous illumination of the measuring spot are unsurpassed in the industry. 

This results in outstanding accuracy and excellent Inter-Instrument Agreement of dE94 < 0.11.


About BYK

BYK is a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals. The company’s innovative additives and differentiated solutions optimize product and material properties as well as production and application processes. BYK additives improve, among other things, the scratch resistance and gloss of surfaces, the mechanical strength or the flow behavior of materials, as well as properties such as lightfastness and flame retardancy. As part of quality assurance, BYK's measuring and testing instruments are used to effectively assess the appearance and physical properties.

The company’s customers include manufacturers of coatings and printing inks, plastics, adhesives and sealants, as well as cleaners, floor coatings, and lubricants. BYK additives are also successfully used in the construction chemistry, oil and gas, and foundry industries.

BYK has a global network of subsidiaries and operates production sites in Germany (Wesel, Kempen, Moosburg, Schkopau, Geretsried), the Netherlands (Deventer, Denekamp, Nijverdal), and the UK (Widnes), in the USA (Wallingford, Chester, Gonzales, Louisville, Earth City, Pompano Beach), and in China (Shanghai, Tongling).

The company is part of the ALTANA Group and employs more than 2,500 people worldwide.


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