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Even though we are currently facing difficult times, it is important to be informed on the latest technologies, new developments and current events. We keep you up up-to-date through our digital channels with our Newsletter and new website byk-instruments.com.


As announced end of last year, here are several new innovative testing solutions for color and appearance measurement.


Want to know more? – Visit us on our NEW byk-instruments.com website.


Your BYK-Gardner Team

Our family of portable color instruments is growing:

spectro2go spectro2guide spectro2guide Pro
Mobile Color Control Color Control and Prediction
of Color Stability
Highest accuracy
to differentiate
deepest blacks

Find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the color difference?
  • Why does the 60° gloss value show no difference despite the visual perception?
  • What is the average cell size?
  • How uniform is the structure or the cell size distribution?
  • How deep is the grain i.e. cell size amplitude?
  • How can the reflection on hills and valleys be measured separately?

The industry standard for orange peel and DOI measurement of class A surfaces:

  • Fresh design with focus on ergonomic operation
  • Brilliant, extra-large color display with capacitive touch to operate like your smartphone
  • Fastest chip ever displays the results in no time - even for complex waviness scales with FFT analysis
  • PASS / FAIL information on the display
  • Slim docking station for charging and data transfer
  • WIFI connection optional

Software smart-chart for data analysis with many NEW functions:

  • Drill-in on any data point and the history of the last 20 readings will be displayed.
  • Dynamic print layout to create your own reports

On our new website byk-instruments.com you can find everything around testing color, appearance and physical properties. All products are shown with pictures, videos and detailed product descriptions for ease of understanding.


We are continuously adding new valuable content such as test procedures, measurement theory, practical hints, and case studies.


On our home page, you can see at a glance:

  • What’s NEW
  • Our latest PROMOTIONS
  • Next dates for our famous WEBINARS for Online learning
  • Where to meet BYK-instruments at a local event

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The Blue Miracle


By Kai Kupferschmidt [1,2]


The favorite color of most people, however hardly common among animals and plants. It is very difficult to produce artificially. Consequently, scientists are eagerly working on creating new blue pigments.


Part 3:

The food industry is desperate. How can they be successful finding natural blue ingredients, which are long lasting and resistant to heat as well as light?

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