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Join our free color seminar: The Perfect Triple

How can you ensure, that your color always matches visually by using objective measurement results? Learn in a one-day seminar the essentials of color theory combined with practical workshops:

  • Visual Color Evaluation - Influence of illumination quality
  • Color Harmony - Essentials of Color & Gloss
  • Color Stability - Prediction of Lightfastness
  • Special News - Reliable measurement of BLACK

Convince yourself how the combination of color harmony and color stability control will revolutionize your color quality management.

byko-spectra Pro - See things the right way

The reference for visual color evaluation. An innovative combination of LED / Halogen illumination achieves a never seen before quality with CIE Class A - now you can see things in the right light.

New color2view - The revolution in color measurement continues

By combining several measurement methods, the color2view becomes an objective eye that evaluates our visual color impression in its entity. Breakthrough technical performance guarantees a seamless global color management across the complete supply chain. For the first-time digital standards can be exchanged between benchtop and portable color instruments - without any extra-profiling.

spectro2guide - Touch the color

The ideal counterpart to the color2view when a portable spectrophotometer is needed. It offers the same innovative measurement methods to control color, gloss, and fluorescence to predict color stability. Top performance is combined with easy and intuitive operation.


Details see Italian website:



  • Thursday 14th of July 2022
  • 10 am - 3 pm
  • Parma, Italy

Contact: sara.malanchini@altana.com


Details see Italian website:


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